Real energy savings for
a virtual world

PlayStation® lets people experience amazing new worlds through its leading-edge performance. But in the real world, the need for reduced environmental impact is increasing. Here we offer a glimpse into how Sony's efforts are saving energy and resources.

PlayStation® evolves again for the environment

The PlayStation series has reached cumulative sales of over 300 million units globally.
That enormous number is also indicative of the significance of environmental action.
The new PlayStation®4 (PS4®, CUH-2000 Series) achieves a wide range of improvements including reduced power
consumption, which in turn enabled downsizing and weight reduction, leading to an innovative new design.

Energy saving

Power consumption is one of the things that
people pay attention to when looking at electronic products.
Computer entertainment systems are no exception.
That is why it became a key specification in
the development of PS4® as well.

Power consumption reduced by 28%*

Of all the components that go into a game console, the main users of energy are the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). PS4® offers improved graphics with HDR (High Dynamic Range) support while greatly reducing power consumption. It clears European SRI (Self-Regulatory Initiative) rules, too.

*Compared to CUH-1200 Series

Lowered figures

Power consumption has been reduced by a substantial 34% compared to the initial CUH-1000 Series, and by 28% even when compared to the previous CUH-1200 Series.

Focus on key devices

The CPU and GPU account for about 40%* of power consumption. Miniaturization of these circuits enabled lower power consumption while delivering the same performance.*CUH-2000 Series

Smartly switches off

The vast array of processing units within the CPU and GPU are powered on and off as required by the current operating situation, thereby reducing waste.

Resource saving

Reducing the power consumed also reduces the heat produced.
That means all the parts required for cooling can also be reduced.
Through reduction, new value is added.

Energy saving, space saving, resource saving

Reducing the power consumption of the CPU and GPU reduces the heat produced.
Reduced heat means that the heat sink and other parts involved in cooling, as well as the AC/DC convertor, can be reduced in size for improved efficiency.
This enabled us to reconsider PS4® design from the ground up.
The result was a remarkable reduction in size, weight, and the amount of resources used.
In addition, by virtue of the smaller packaging, shipping efficiency was increased.

Improvements were applied over the years for each new version in terms of power consumption and internal parts, even though the units looked identical from the outside.
Left: New CUH-2000 Series Right: Previous CUH-1200 Series

Major downsizing

The new stylish design, made possible through downsizing, really shines when positioned vertically using the stand. Compared to the previous CUH-1200 Series on the right, which measured 53mm in width (excl. max protrusion), the new CUH-2000 Series has been slimmed down by over 1cm to approx. 39mm (excl. max protrusion).

Weight reduced by 16%*

*Compared to CUH-1200 Series

Size reduced by over 30%*

*Compared to CUH-1200 Series

A stylish addition to your room interior

Reduced size and weight makes PS4® easier to position, store, and carry than ever before.
The immense precision and functionality packed into its minimalist, flat, stylishly diagonal form is a major appeal point.
No compromises in design based on technical issues, and no compromises in performance based on design considerations.
Take the intake port, which cannot be seen from the outside. It is hidden not for cosmetic value; it was the result of pursuing the highest intake efficiency.
The beauty is not for beauty's sake, but rather a result of the best possible solution.

Another step closer to a zero environmental footprint in the gaming world

The "Road to Zero" is Sony's ultimate roadmap to a more sustainable world.
In order to achieve the goals of Sony's global environmental plan, we approached PlayStation® from the perspective of power consumption,
and produced various new values including resource reduction.
The PlayStation® Series will continue to evolve, and we will place increased emphasis on environmental issues for the future.

[Information as of November 2016 by Sony research.]