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Sony is committed to respecting human rights and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion. One of Sony’s most important codes of conduct is to treat all people with respect and dignity, and we have built a corporate culture which finds strengths in the diversity of our businesses and our employees.
To further these efforts, in June 2020, Sony Music Group led to the establishment of a 100 million USD Global Social Justice Fund with the full support of all Sony Group companies. Through this fund, we will support initiatives that promote social justice, anti-racism initiatives and to foster diversity, equity and inclusion both inside and outside of the company around the world.

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Charitable partnership with external organization and initiatives

The Sony Group makes charitable donations and conducts joint activities with meaningful organizations/initiatives that are working to protect human rights, correct racial discrimination, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, educate and develop human resources and so on.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Sony Group foster diversity, equity and inclusion both inside and outside of the company such as establishing task forces, holding roundtable discussions, providing opportunities for minorities within the industry, and establishing a scholarship program to promote human resources development.

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