Sony is committed to respecting human rights and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). One of Sony's most important codes of conduct is to treat all people with respect and dignity, and we have built a corporate culture which finds strengths in the diversity of our businesses and our employees.
To further these efforts, in June 2020, Sony Group established a $100 million Global Social Justice Fund. Through this fund, we will support initiatives that promote social justice and, anti-racist initiatives and to foster DE&I around the world.

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Charitable partnership with external organizations and initiatives

The Sony Group makes charitable donations and conducts joint activities with meaningful organizations/initiatives that are working to protect human rights, correct racial discrimination, promote DE&I, educate and develop underrepresented talent.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Sony Group fosters DE&I within our company and across our global communities by offering opportunities to people from underrepresented backgrounds and experiences in a variety of industries to help them develop personally and professionally such as establishing internal task forces, holding roundtable discussions among employees, establishing a scholarship program, providing mentoring and internships to nurture underrepresented talent for career pathways.

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