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Updated on August 27, 2021

Progress of Soil and Groundwater Remediation

In the event that an incident of soil or groundwater contamination is identified at a Sony site in a voluntary check or other assessment, remediation processes are implemented in compliance with pertinent local laws and ordinances. Incidents of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from operations have been confirmed at Sony Group sites, as shown below. In response, Sony has been remediating the contamination and submitting regular reports to authorities. Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation Nagasaki Technology Center completed the treatment of contaminated soil in a 613.3m2 area that had been designated as an area requiring notification of character change to land, and the designation was lifted on June 25 2021.

Site Date Contamination Confirmed Substance(s) Detected Cause Response/Current Status
Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation's Inazawa Site (Japan) June 2001 (Result of voluntary assessment) Fluorine Leak from crack in drainage pipe The site has discontinued use of the equipment that caused the contamination and is remediating and monitoring groundwater. Analysis conducted in fiscal 2020 found a groundwater concentration of 1.28 mg per liter.