#02Paper Chilling

Crafted from Sony’s Original Blended Material, an environmentally conscious paper.
Take a moment to enjoy its soothing texture!

Let’s Jam!

Here’s paper craft based on the cassette tape motif that inspired BSIDE.
You can almost hear all the great songs on this cassette!

A making footage of a paper craft work.

Stay tuned

This is a papercraft reproduction of a chic, best-selling radio of the 60s.
Just look at the detail in movement of the antenna and tuner!

An assembling stop motion of radio from paper craft.

My memories box

An attempt at expressing a digital camera cut-out of the world in paper.
See how layers of paper and light in this piece depict beautiful mountain views and the changing skies!

A footage of camera from paper craft.

Paper Craft: design by Yasuyuki Wada

What is Sony’s
"Original Blended Material"?

This papercraft uses Sony’s Original Blended Material.
It’s an environmentally conscious paper that’s worked out great in a number of projects.

Learn more about Original Blended Material