The concept video tells the story of the interdependence between humans & nature, and the unseen transformation and circulation of energy between us. Through a multi-sensory immersive experience, you are able to feel the connection and resonance with all living things. A vibration starts from your body and generates energy particles, which drift to the on-screen digital projection, gradually converging and forming a cluster of green leaves and branches swaying with the wind. Subsequently, the green leaves disperse in particles with the wind, suggesting the reincarnation of the beginning and end of life. In this way, the story of the interaction between humans and nature, "the cycle of life" is conveyed repeatedly.


Feb.27th - Mar.2nd, 2023
*This exhibition has finished.

Sony Design participated in Design Shenzhen with the theme “NATURE RESONANCE”.

“NATURE RESONANCE” exhibited the story of the interdependence between humans & nature, and the unseen transformation and circulation of energy between us. A series of visual, auditory, and haptic sensory effects enabled visitors to immerse in the origin, evolution of natural life.
The show consisted of two spaces – In the first space we displayed Sony’s environmentally conscious materials and technological achievements. Premiered in the second space was an intuitive experience where visitors can experience the cycle of natural life and our resonance with nature.

“The Circle of Life”

The relationship between human and nature is interdependent: nature provides nutrients for human survival; and human activities significantly influence nature. The film presented is divided into four chapters: [Origin], [Green Sonata], [The Pulses of Nature], and [Symbiosis], aiming to show the invisible bond between people and the incredible nature. The audience transformed into flying particles and will participate in a journey following nature from birth into continuity.

Life on earth begins with water. The particles symbolizing life energy return to nature from the human body, transform into water, and reconnect with nature. Water soaks the earth, and seeds sprout from the ground, bringing lush life, music, and dance. The audience immersed in the forest experiencing its unique sonata. The music in the forest evokes the resonance of animals, and they come to eat, play, and live there. As the birds flap their wings and fly high into the sky, you can have a panoramic view of the vibrant green land. Human beings appear to be particles in the world, in an endless cycle with nature, thriving in symbiosis.

The video shows the immersive multimedia theater called "Cycle of Life". Visitors are in an infinite space with curved walls and mirrors. When standing on the particles floating on the floor, the particles dissolve and rise onto the wall to form images of clouds and raindrops. With the falling raindrops, the image of the floor transforms into rivers and sprouts of seeds. A bamboo forest is appearing on the wall, and fireflies, boars, and monkeys run through the forests. Finally, the vast field of bamboo transforms back into particles and returns to the position where the visitors stand. This shows the mutual relationship between nature and humans.

Vibration as one of the most prevalent phenomena in nature, it is the basic way in which information is transmitted and interacts with all things.
“NATURE RESONANCE” leverages a series of sensory effects such as visual, sound and haptic to enable visitors to experience the origin, evolution, and cycle of natural life in an immersive way. Through this exhibition, we hope to create a resonance with the visitors through the power of design and technology, and to look forward to a better and sustainable future life of people and nature together.

Sony's Environmentally Conscious Materials and Technologies

This exhibition introduced Sony's practices and achievements in different environmentally conscious materials and technologies. It displayed various raw materials and selected application examples,
from product packaging and manufacturing, to lifestyle and sustainable agriculture technology.
The exhibition featured "Original Blended Material (OBM)" made from bamboo, sugar cane fiber and locally recycled newspapers; SORPLAS™, a flame-retardant recycled plastic using recycled water bottles and CDs from factories as raw materials; Triporous™, a new sustainable material made from rice husk;
and Synecoculture™, an open-field cultivation method that requires no maintenance, no fertilizer,
and no pesticide.

OBM and SORPLAS™ are effective alternatives to current plastic products and packaging, and have been used in the products and packaging of several Sony products. Sony's original Synecoculture™ method advocates a return to a natural ecological growth method. Its technical principle is to plant various useful plants in high density without plowing, fertilizing or spraying pesticides. It brings the ecosystem to a natural state of growth, through the interaction between different plants, as well as between plants and the outside world. Sony is currently carrying out extensive experiments on farm gardens.


Internal view of the theater

Theater showing the movie of water

Theater showing the movie of sky

Designer examining the mirror installation

Concept image of the circulation

Front view of the Immersive Mirroring Room mockup

Mockup of mirroring effect

Display of OBM onsite

Display of Synecoculture onsite


Project Name:
Nature Resonance 自然.共振
Event Date:
Feb.27th - Mar.2nd, 2023
Event Venue:
Design Shenzhen @
Shenzhen Convention &
Exhibition Center
Project Team:
Sony Design Center China