Good Design
Award 2017

Japan’s comprehensive
design award program
Winning Entries

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Smart Products

Xperia Touch

Gold Award winner, Good Design Award 2017
Selected as the Best 100, Good Design Award 2017

Jury comment

The household projector of the future, capable now of producing interactive touch-screens in addition to videos. In this golden age of touchscreen smartphones, many of us have made the mistake of reaching out to “touch” a digital image projected onto a wall. But now with this product, you can—you can control the projection by touching it, just like you thought you could. It uses the same technology as the small-scale, built-in battery, ultra-short focus projector already developed, but has been made small enough to fit on the palm of your hand. Lightweight and understated to fit seamlessly into your living room, with an iconic square shape that quietly signifies the beginning of a new genre of product.

OLED 4K Television

BRAVIA® A1 Series

Gold Award winner, Good Design Award 2017
Selected as the Best 100, Good Design Award 2017

Jury comment

“One Slate,” with all the features of a TV concentrated into a single slate, is the pinnacle of the ultimate viewing experience delivered by this series of 4K HDR OLED TVs. Its single-slate design is characterized by an inimitable grace and natural elegance, and it looks at first glance like a slate propped up on the wall. Look closer, however, and you will see that the minimalistic exterior is made of material like fabric, glass, and aluminum, which feature prominently in living spaces, so that the TV strikes a natural chord with its surroundings. At the heart of its simplicity is its acoustic surface technology, which generates sound through vibrations of the display itself, and allows the visual experience and aural experience to consolidate as never before in a TV. The substrate and terminals have been placed inside the rear support slate, and the display panel is slim and beautiful, free of any and all cables. A true Sony masterpiece.

Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo Headphone


Gold Award winner, Good Design Award 2017
Selected as the Best 100, Good Design Award 2017

Jury comment

A new generation of noise-canceling wireless headphones that pack next-level comfort, incredible audio quality equivalent to High-Resolution Audio, and industry-best noise-cancelling performance into an elegant, convenient package. Gesture panels on the earpads allow you to touch and swipe the earpads to stop, play, skip through tracks, and more, while the Ambient Sound Mode lets you listen to your music while still catching announcements and key external sounds you might need to pay attention to. Swivel folding earcups means frequent fliers, the target demographic for these headphones, can bring these with them wherever they travel, and store them in the seat pockets of planes. This is simplicity that has been carefully, carefully designed.

Interchangeable-lens Camera


Selected as the Best 100, Good Design Award 2017

Jury comment

This product has turned the camera world on its head by using its mirrorless characteristic as an advantage. With its next-level, high-speed shutter supported by the world’s first stacked full-frame (35mm) sensor with built-in memory, its ability to snap continuous shots without viewfinder blackout and its lack of noise and vibration, it provides a revolutionary new kind of shooting experience, and produces images and videos that cannot be replicated on any other camera. All of this functionality is packed into a rigid vertical structure that, like the α7, is the full-size thing in a miniaturized package.

Lavalier Microphone Series

ECM-88/77/66/55/44/166 series

We received the Good Design Long Life Design Award 2017

Communication Gear for Snow Sports


Display Watch

FES Watch U

Smart Watch

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Personal Aroma Diffuser


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