International Design Excellence Awards 2020

About International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)

International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) is the award for
an international design competition administered by Industrial Designers Society of America.
Originally founded to recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design, the program has since grown
to highlight design in many connected disciplines including design strategy, branding, digital interaction and so much more.
Each year, thousands of entries are submitted by design teams across the globe, making IDEA one of the
largest and most widely anticipated annual awards programs in the world.
IDEA recognizes products and services that encourage, inspire, and push the industry forward,
honoring great design that brings real benefit to users, clients, and society. Winning IDEA products are entered into the
permanent collection of The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and remain an ever-present symbol of ingenuity and mastery of craft.

VISION-S Prototype


The VISION-S Prototype is a glimpse into the future of mobility, encompassing the evolution of safety, comfort, entertainment and adaptability. A total of 33 sensors including CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors are embedded within the vehicle, in order to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car, and provide highly advanced driving support. Our "360 Reality Audio" provides a deep and immersive audio experience through speakers built into each seat to encapsulates passengers in sound. The front seats face a panoramic screen on which rich and diverse content can be enjoyed through an intuitive user interface. We designed this car with an OVAL concept to symbolize the experience of full 360-degree immersion in sensing technologies and entertainment. The VISION-S Prototype wraps riders in layers of oval structures. First is the veil of the actual interior, providing a spacious "cocoon" for riders to inhabit. The next layer outward comprises the high-performance sensors that monitor the car’s periphery with full, 360-degree coverage. After that is a more intangible "oval"—society itself. The idea revolves around a constant link between cars and the surrounding community, one where information and entertainment flow freely from the outside world into the in-vehicle environment. The rider is the center of overlapping oval structures, radiating outward in layers and shapes and contexts that "wrap people" in a warm embrace.