iF Design
Award 2020

Winning Entries

Photo of iF design award trophy
Near Field Powered Speaker System


iF Gold Award

Jury Statement:

The Sony SA-Z1 near field speaker system combines a high-end audio experience with an outstanding look and feel. The gorgeous finish of the housing and uncompromising quality of each detail add up to a truly remarkable design.

Robot Toy


iF Gold Award

Jury Statement:

Sony's hands-on toy platform not only educates users, but is a true innovation that greatly expands the possibilities of educational toys. This is a design that playfully invites users to build and interact. It seems to invite children to say, I want to create something by myself!

Public Space by Sony

Ginza Sony Park

iF Gold Award

Jury Statement:

Ginza Sony Park in Tokyo is not a new building at all. Instead, the project dismantles the iconic high-rise Sony building and reimagines the space with new constructions and concepts. This wide-ranging and imaginative project reacts flexibly to the usage pattern and requirements of local residents. Bold, brilliant and poised for the future!

Glass Sound Speaker


Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones


Linear PCM Recorder


Multi Format Portable Camera


Spectral Cell Analyzer



Xperia 1

21:9 Cinematic Movie Recording Feature

Cinema Pro

Qrio Lock