Red Dot
Award 2021

Photo of Red Dot Award trophy

About Red Dot Award

The Red Dot Award is the award for an international design competition administered
by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany.
The award is divided into three disciplines: the Red Dot Award: Product Design,
Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept.
Once a year, international design experts discuss and evaluate each entry individually.
Over 10,000 design professionals, companies and organizations from
more than 60 countries enter the competition for this very prestigious award each year.
Winning entries are honored at a grand award ceremony attended by design professionals from all over the world,
and are also presented at the Red Dot Design Museums in Germany, Singapore and China.
With more than 2,000 exhibits, the Red Dot Design Museum Essen (Germany) presents
the world's largest exhibition of contemporary design in the former boiler house of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zollverein,
a former coal mine complex. Innovative and well-shaped objects from around 45 nations make the quality of good design
become experienceable at close range because touching and testing many of the exhibits is allowed.

Product Design

The Red Dot: Product Design is for product designs which have been launched on the market between 1 January 2019 and 1 June 2021.
Entries are judged on nine criteria, including degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality,
ergonomics, durability, and symbolic and emotional content.

4K LED Television


Red Dot: Best of the Best

In this high-end 4K LED TV, stunning visuals delivered by an all-new XR™ processor featuring cognitive intelligence are combined with Sony’s original sound system comprising slit speakers, a subwoofer and sound-positioning tweeters for a truly realistic audio experience that feels as if the sound is coming directly from the flat screen. The aluminum edge frame around the flush panel was made as thin as it can get to eliminate all distracting elements for more immersive viewing. Also, the stands were put at the two ends of the screen to avoid reflections and keep the viewer’s attention on the imagery—not the structural supports. The stands feature a triangular cross-section, and their narrow edge at the top connects with the frame in a way that helps guide the viewer's gaze to the screen. In addition, the versatile three-way multi-position stands give users a choice of three configurations to suit various placement settings.

Compact Digital Camera


Red Dot: Best of the Best

With the popularization of social media and video sharing websites, a growing number of young people are now uploading video content online—from snapshots of their daily lives and fresh reviews from travel destinations to product review and makeup videos—to share with the rest of the world. The ZV-1 video camera enables young creators to convey their message in high-quality video that far outstrips content shot with a smartphone. A flat body design was chosen for ease of handling—taking out of a bag, shooting both still images and video, and taking selfie shots. The slightly large ridge on the body is designed to minimize the impact of the wind on sound, and to ensure a comfortable grip when held at an unnatural angle. When used with the shooting grip, the camera can be operated with a single hand, left or right, and flipped around to instantly change the shooting direction. Featuring a large 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS image sensor and a ZEISS® lens on a compact body, this camera can shoot high-quality video even under poor conditions.

Xperia PRO

Red Dot: Best of the Best

The Xperia PRO is an innovative device for professionals who seek to engage in a new style of visual content creation supporting 5G mmWave and 5G Sub-6. It features an HDMI terminal that links with a camera, as well as a 4K OLED display that achieves professional-grade color reproduction. Visual data captured with a camera can be monitored on the Xperia PRO or streamed live via HDMI connectivity. Data can also be sent directly to a remote editor to streamline the workflow and cut costs. To ensure reliable reception and transmission of 5G mmWave signals, which tend to travel in a straight line and are prone to attenuation, the chassis has antennas placed in four directions. A low dielectric constant material covers the outer periphery to help ensure the best 5G mmWave connection. The unique structure diffuses heat during long hours of use to maintain communication efficiency. Terminals and buttons are arranged to enhance usability when connected with other equipment. This device fully incorporates Sony’s expertise in professional products, and combines imaging and communication functions to innovate creative workflows.

Wireless Speaker


Wireless Stereo Headset


Wireless Speaker


Interchangeable-lens Camera


Cinema Line Camera



Xperia 1 II


Digital Edition

wireless controller
(PS5 accessories)

HD camera

PULSE 3D wireless headset

PS5 cables

Brands & Communication Design

Red Dot: Brands & Communication Design is divided into two sections, "Brands" and "Communication Design."
Participants can enter their communication design works in any of 18 categories
in the "Communication Design" section – from "Advertising", "Posters" and "Packaging Design"
to the design of "Annual Reports", "Fair Stands" and "Spatial Communication".
Entries can also be submitted in digital media categories such as
"Film & Animation", "Online", "Interface & User Experience Design", and "Digital Solutions".
The expert panel comprises 24 jurors, who inspect all of the brands and creative works entered
in the design competition on their own merits over a period of several days.
Different assessment criteria relating to the form, idea and impact are considered.