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London Design Festival:
Affinity in Autonomy

Sony Design showcase the Affinity in Autonomy project at
London's iconic V&A Museum for the 2019 London Design Festival.

Envisioning a world in which intelligence, technology and creative design are more integrated.
We believe that the relationship between humans and technology will evolve,
through deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence and its ability to display feelings.
Affinity in Autonomy represents thoughts on the future of AI and Robotics.

Photo of pendulus
Photo of two pendulus

Photo: Ed Reeve


Translating innovation into perceptual experiences is the theme for Sony Design's creation of this interactive robotic pendulum. The independence and free-will of robotics is portrayed by its random movements.
Human presence can be detected and recognition appears from within the kinetic motion.
Exhibiting a rich, dynamic and autonomous behavior, 'pendulus' engages by seeking an emotional and physical response. This conceptual piece endeavours to portray emotion and sensitivity,
illustrating the enriched relationship possibilities for a new tomorrow.

Photo of Affinity in Autonomy at London Design Festival

Photo: Ed Reeve

'The Prince Consort Gallery' at the Victoria and Albert Museum,
provides a magnificent context for this experience.

14–22 September 2019
The Prince Consort Gallery, V&A Museum, London