This year marks the 60th anniversary of Sony Design Team.
To commemorate this milestone, we will be holding an exhibition called “ONE DAY, 2022/2050 Sci-Fi Prototyping.”

The exhibition features “reality in 2022” created by designers and engineers
using the full arsenal of Sony’s cutting-edge technologies, primarily in the areas of AI and robotics.
The other main theme of the exhibition is “a possible future in 2050,”
as depicted through collaborations between designers and science fiction writers using the Sci-Fi prototyping method.
We invite you to experience design creations of these two worlds that may intersect somewhere, someday.

ONE DAY,2022

  • aiboaibo
  • Camera RobotCamera
  • Flow

ONE DAY,2050

  • WELL-BEING, 2050
  • HABITAT, 2050
  • LIFE, 2050
  • SENSE, 2050

“ONE DAY, 2022/2050 Sci-Fi Prototyping”

2021.12.18 (Sat) – 2022.1.9 (Sun) 10:00-18:00
* Closed from 12.27 to 1.1
ROHM Theatre Kyoto (North Hall)Open in new window
No application required/Free admission
Co-organized by
Supported by
Sony PCL Inc.
Special Thanks

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