18-25 May 2023

NYCxDesign Festival

Introducing a collaboration between Sony & Stellar Works

Sony and Stellar Works
at NYCxDesign 2023

Thank you to everyone for taking time to visit,
The collaborative installation closed on 25 May.
Sonyʼs Creative Center, hope you enjoyed
the experience and
will continue to
follow future events.

STAYDREAM explores the possibilities of design
via the fusion of creativity
to realize richer
sensorial experiences, whilst creating ambience
through space, furniture, and technology

A series of conceptual pieces centered
around a theme that
brings the atmosphere
and elements of the outdoors to the indoors,
to portray a juxtaposition of the ambience of
within the context of interior spaces.


A surreal, sociable space that is enhanced with interactivity and featuring furniture by Stellar Works and Calico Wallpaper’s 'Escape Collection'. Immersive physical and digital content and surround sound provided by the BYOBU Partition offers dynamic surprises within a large-scale dreamlike landscape. This meta-real experience brings the wonders of nature to any statement interior.


This lounge space offers visitors a surprising encounter that blurs the boundaries between material surface and visual technology. Curated in combination with lounge furniture from Stellar Works, the free-standing BYOBU Display by Sony has an embedded screen that delivers a relaxing experience, showcasing inspiring imagery that gives a feeling of looking through a window into a magical world.


A theatrical dining experience complimented by BYOBU Partitions and clusters of Everyday Pendant Lights that give the feeling of standing under a large tree, filled with a flock of birds. These elements have been specially engineered by Sony to create a harmony of light and sound in response to the movements of visitors – enabling a richer awareness of the relationship between people and nature


An engaging and entertaining artefact that interactively responds to visitors' movements. The BYOBU Display Partition, designed and engineered by Sony, portrays urban artistic impressions through graffiti that appears upon its surface.


Stimulating the senses, this scene is orchestrated by a theatrical unification of Everyday Pendant Lights by Stellar Works, that simulate the weather outside, through visual and audio effects The accompanying BYOBU Partition completes the ensemble, portraying the essence of nature within an urban environment. Transitions of shifting acoustics provide a cavernous, all-encompassing, spatial experience


Inspired by Asian heritage, this scene depicts a traditional teahouse setting with a twist. The interactive screen reacts to your movements and unveils a hidden view as you venture closer. The space is initially shrouded in a misty mountainous scene, which disappears to reveal curated furniture by Stellar Works behind.


Centred around a BYOBU Bed designed by Sony, this interactive premium-class bedroom composition delivers a cradling expression that wraps you comfortably with unique spatial technology. The bed incorporates both audio and visual stimuli that facilitate a dream-like experience

BYOBU Partition (Concept)

Inspired by the functionality of traditional room dividers, 'BYOBU Partitions' fit seamlessly within the landscape of any contemporary interior. As objects, they do not separate space, but rather extend architectural spaces to enhance environments. The partitions take inspiration from the shapes of gentle landscapes and undulating hills. BYOBU Partitions are both functional and expressive, with a strong emphasis on inviting materials and adaptability, which may be used as a canvas for both projection and sensing of human movements. The Integrated sound element technology a curated atmosphere in any surrounding dream space.

BYOBU Display (Concept)

A special unique model, additional to the Byobu Partition range. Designed to fit seamlessly and blend into modern interior lifestyles. Retaining consistent inspirational and aesthetic cues with its accompanying family.
At first glance, BYOBU Display appears to be a simple stone slate, but when a person approaches, images are displayed from within. A Sony BRAVIA TV is built into the sculptural form, enabling visual expression without the presence of a display at all. It provides a sensory experience that appeals to the sense of sight and sound, connecting you to a dream world.

BYOBU Bed (Concept)

The bed provides a cradle of enveloping comfort; a cosy nest that facilitates both rest and wellbeing with an inviting ambience. The bed is formed from sculptural shapes derived from the hospitality of nature and is inspired by gentle landscapes, soft undulating hills, glaciers, forests, and coastlines. Surround sound technology and projection screen has been integrated into the headboard and footboard of the bed which enables acoustically immersive relaxation, giving a multisensorial experience augmented by technology, that seeks to transport you to your dreams.