Feature Design

4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Bringing extraordinary experience home

Add a Sony 4K ultra short throw projector,
and ordinary rooms come alive with
extraordinary viewing experiences.
Introducing a new system designed to be a welcome presence
in interior architecture and your life.

New adventures
in another world

Sony has enlivened routines and user experiences through many products over the years, but this time our approach builds on your living room itself. As we studied rooms of all kinds, it renewed our appreciation of how rooms set the scene for entertainment. Building on existing elements such as walls or tables seemed a promising way to reveal unseen potential in your own home. And as we sought to tap this potential, it inspired a new approach to the user experience — Life Space UX.

We began by considering the potential of living room walls. Wouldn’t it be exciting to use walls as vast display surfaces? It would surely transform a room’s ambience. Inspired, we looked into combining short-range projection with 4K imaging. Development of an 4K ultra short throw projector was soon underway.

Linking the ordinary
and extraordinary

Start up the LSPX-W1S, and expansive 147-inch images cover the wall. The viewing experience is immersive and striking, as what was once an ordinary wall becomes a portal to another world.

When it’s on, the unobtrusive projector invites you to lose yourself in what you’re watching. When it’s off, it both preserves and admirably enhances the interior ambiance, as you would expect. In design, we linked the ordinary and extraordinary, in a projector that’s a welcome presence in interior architecture and your life. A goal was to satisfy these conflicting needs – exciting you when on, yet quietly complementing the room when off – through design that’s perfectly natural.

Between the architectural
and the personal

Traditionally, what has filled a niche between us and our homes is furniture. But unlike furniture, the projector fills a niche as a kind of medium for expression or entertainment between people and architecture. It blends in, but it also links the ordinary with the extraordinary. The LSPX-W1S is a compelling way to bring an otherworldly viewing experience down to earth through design.

Tako, chief art director


Elevating the experience

Our quest for maximum viewing experience from larger-than-life imagery began by minimizing distractions, as we explored the ideal projector size and proportions. The solution: modular, low-profile units that house the projector, speakers, and your other equipment. Place the modules together, and they resemble a low AV cabinet or stage, neatly consolidating elements that tend to be separate. Its appearance makes it as natural in your home as furniture. At startup, a hatch on top folds upward for projection while keeping the projector aperture concealed. You’ll find yourself absorbed in what’s playing, not what’s playing it.

Setting the right tone
in the symphony of a room

Visually, the system had to strike a pleasant chord in rooms when off. Imagine a series of layers, rising gradually from the floor. Layers of pure aluminum resembling stacked slates make the front airy and rhythmic. The brushed metal finish on the ends of these linear fins reveals the natural beauty of the aluminum. Look closely, and you’ll also notice a subtle reflection of the floor. This helps the system match its surroundings better.

In coloring as well, the system was designed to go well with walls and other elements of rooms. A white satin finish softens the impression it makes. There’s also a practical edge to the linear structure, which improves ventilation (as required by projectors), speaker clarity, and wireless/IR connectivity. Many design details such as these satisfy aesthetic and structural needs to make the system a welcome addition to any room environment.

Projecting an exquisite sense
of presence

I remember how excited I was the first time I saw a prototype of a 4K ultra short throw projector. I viewed it as my mission in design to make the user’s first impression just as memorable. We eliminated unnecessary elements to let the projector speak for itself. Our choice of materials, quality of finishes, and how gracefully the parts move required great attention to detail. The projector shows exquisite balance by complementing rooms while remaining quietly assertive. It sets the scene in a wholly new way.

Tsujita, designer

Life Space UX is a new approach to the user experience
that taps the potential of interiors.
Home environments hold many possibilities,
and we hope you’ll explore them with us.