Helping to preserve
our beautiful earth,
let us introduce our efforts
for sustainable future
utilizing Sony’s technology
to prevent natural disasters
and environmental destruction.

Concept of Earth
MIMAMORI platform

It all started from a simple idea, “Could we develop a system that enables sensing anywhere on Earth?“ Detecting signs of anomalies and issuing alerts, the system urges humanity to act with sustainability in mind, providing opportunities to think about what can be done to realize a sustainable future and take concrete action. We call this concept “MIMAMORI”, which means to “watch over” in Japanese.

Human society and Earth society affect each other.The light-green circle at the center of this illustration is “human society,” and the dark-green half-circle surrounding us is “Earth society,” that is, Earth itself. Over time, human society has unknowingly caused significant damage to Earth society, which often escapes attention from within human society. If this platform based on the MIMAMORI concept is extensively used, we should be able to put predictive information to effective use and begin building a sustainable society.

Key Technologies of
MIMAMORI platform

These are the key technologies embedded in this platform: Advanced Sensing and Ultra-low power Edge AI for identifying change, Ultra-wide area Sensing Network for conveying change, and Sophisticated Predictive Data Analytics and Secure Data Market Place for comprehending change.

Sensing technology :
Soil Moisture Sensor

We are developing a soil moisture sensor as one of the sensing technology. This sensor measures the water content in soil with high accuracy and is not affected by vacant space and fertilizers. These days, due to climate change, on an increasing proportion of farmlands, crops will simply not grow without irrigation. In not a few places, groundwater for irrigation has run dry. Yet, we believe that, if we can control water appropriately, we can still grow healthier and more robust farm produce and maximize the qualities of each crop. We have a firm conviction that this sensor can contribute to such things and more.

Ultra-wide area
Sensing Network technology :
A satellite communication system
using ELTRES

Although it can only transmit a small amount of data, ELTRES can do so with certainty over vast distances. By making ELTRES available for use by satellites, we can expand its support area to cover the entire Earth. Our R&D team is working on a satellite system that covers any and all places on Earth with small low-orbit satellites, allowing us to collect information from various IoT devices and sensors with a high frequency.

Sophisticated Predictive Data
Analytics technology :
Comprehending change by AI

This technology applies AI to data gathered by sensors to detect signs of abnormalities in the environment and observed objects and contribute to the solution of any issues. We are hoping to expand the scope of its application more.For example, with AI technology, we can detect signs of rivers overflowing. AI analyzes data on past water levels and precipitation in the surroundings to model changes in water levels, which enables highly-accurate prediction of river water levels several hours in the future to pick up warning signs of flooding.

Field Work in MIMAMORI

To realize the MIMAMORI concept, we are undertaking a variety of fieldwork.

For the future

Going forward, we will further drive our efforts to develop and integrate innovative technologies
to realize a sustainable future.

February 7, 2022