"Connect creators and users"
Sony Technology Day Report Vol. 2

Nov 22, 2019

At Sony Technology Day, which was held on September 18, 2019, Sony exhibited its technologies on three themes: "Connect," "Empower," and "Exceed." In this article, we introduce the technology exhibits displayed as the "Connect" theme—audio and imaging technologies that bring creators and users together and deliver kando.

High-quality technology to deliver pictures
intended by creators

To introduce the core technology for high-quality 8K video, a demonstration was held using the BRAVIA® MASTER Series "Z9G" (overseas model), a 98-inch 8K LCD TV.

Its aim is to "deliver high-quality content created by creators to users." To achieve this, it is important to have the pixel density of 8K, which is highly refined in image quality. The Z9G model incorporates various high picture quality technologies, such as the next-generation image processor "X1 Ultimate," super-resolution engine "8K X-Reality™ PRO," and backlight technology "Backlight Master Drive™." While advancing these elemental technologies, it is necessary to balance the five elements of picture quality—resolution, tone, frame rate, color gamut, and dynamic range—at a high level.

The Xperia 1, which is equipped with a 4K OLED HDR display, has realized picture quality to serve as a master monitor used in professional video production.

We are proposing a solution for using Xperia 1 as a sub-monitor at a movie production site based on this outstanding picture quality. By wirelessly connecting multiple Xperia 1 smartphones to the digital cinema camera "VENICE," multiple persons can receive images from VENICE simultaneously and monitor them from their respective viewpoints at hand.

IP video transmission and 5G technology for
delivering live video efficiently

Using the broadband and low-latency characteristics of the next-generation 5G mobile network, we gave a technical demonstration to easily and efficiently stream live sports and other events in high quality.

In the demo, multiple cameras send compressed video signals in real time and the video is transmitted to the "Virtual Production" system in the cloud, enabling video selection, video switching, and effect addition in the cloud environment. We believe that we can provide video production solutions tailored to the production scene by incorporating IP transmission technology that works well with ICT, while taking advantage of Sony's high image quality technology.

Object-based spatial audio technology
that places individual sounds freely in space

We introduced the spatial audio technology, 360 Reality Audio, which had been announced at CES 2019 and showcased in other exhibitions.

Its aim is to evolve from the traditional stereo music experience to a new music experience that makes listeners immersed in sound spreading in the entire spherical space and feel as if they were right in front of their favorite artist. This can be experienced with both speakers and headphones in a dedicated space with sounds freely arranged in space. The development of the 360 Reality Audio technology involves the development of the tool that can place sound sources freely in space, the format that is suitable for streaming music, and the technology that optimizes the music experience on headphones according to the photo of each individual listener's ears taken by smartphone cameras.

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