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Lecture at the International Water Association (IWA) symposium

Lecture at the International Water Association (IWA) symposium

From September 16th to September 21st, Triporous team made a technical presentation at the 20th symposium on Health-Related Water Microbiology (HRWM), organized by the International Water Association (IWA) in Vienna (co-announced by The University of Tokyo and Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.). The symposium was attended by water treatment experts from universities, government agencies and companies from more than 30 countries.

The presentation described an experiment using World Health Organization (WHO) general test water. It was reported that Triporous exhibited a virus removal rate of more than 99.999%, which is far higher than that for conventional activated carbon.
(Sony and the Environment:

Triporous has high potential not only to apply as better pre-treatment solution for RO* membrane filter but also an implementation as substitute of chemical treatment using chlorine. We believe that Triporous can be very helpful to the remote areas and isolated parts of the world which lack basic infrastructure and facilities like electricity.

We strongly expect that this new material Triporous will contribute to solving global water crisis and promoting water reusability.


* RO (Reverse osmosis) membrane is a permeable membrane to remove ions and unwanted molecules except water molecule from drinking water.