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Go Beyond The Screen with Torchlight, Sony’s new studio for creators. As the go-to studio for a wide range of projects across movies, animation, video games, and more, Torchlight works with filmmakers and other creatives to solve problems and expand their ambitions. From blocking scenes virtually using the latest motion-capture technology to expansive world-building that pushes storytelling forward, Torchlight works collaboratively to expand what is creatively possible, and help make a creator’s vision come to life.

Get inspired, pick up advice from the pros, and learn more about how Torchlight helps creators innovate every day.


The director of “Jumanji” experiments with the latest visualization technology with the team at Torchlight.

Jake Kasdan with his fingers on his lips with a concentrated stare.

Jake Kasdan


The director of “Jumanji” experiments with the latest visualization technology with the team at Torchlight.

Jake Kasdan holding a virtual camera rig


Jake Kasdan worked with the Torchlight team using hand rigs, dollies, and other virtual camera equipment to explore storytelling possibilities. They discovered new angles, the most dramatic shots, and how to make the story pop on the big screen.

Go on location with virtual scouting. By testing your shots, sets and stunts in a virtual world built by the Torchlight team, filmmakers solve problems and explore their storytelling before the director yells “action.”

A white porsche parked by the sunset with a professional video camera on a tripod in the foreground"

The Torchlight team digs into the details as they evolve and bring to life the 2D characters of Patapon™ into 3D.


The Torchlight team brings creators’ visions to life. This
dedicated group of creatives is at the forefront of the
latest technology and solves problems and offers a safe
place for creators to ideate, experiment, and play.

Meet Kat Harris, a Virtual Production Supervisor who tells us what it is like to work in the studio.

Kat Harris standing in front of lockers with arms crossed

SVP of Visualization Alex LoCasale and the team create a space where creators and filmmakers can take chances without the pressure. Torchlight is allowing filmmakers to return to that pure form of creativity.

A man talking and gesturing with his hand. Superimposed text reads a quote from Torchlight SVP of Visualization, Alex Locasale 'Create without expectation.'

Working at Torchlight provides a new adventure every day. Join Pipeline Technical Director Rey Jarrell for a day in their very creative life.

A collage of images showing an individual’s day in the life at Torchlight


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