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Meet our people - S.Himanshu

System & Platform Technology Development Div
R&D Center
Graduated 2013. Computer Science and Engineering

Seeing Greater Possibilities as an Engineer
at Sony that Encourages Expertise in AI,
Machine Learning, and More

Sony, where diversity is celebrated
and internships encourage freedom

What convinced me to join Sony was an internship I had in university. I was studying AI, machine learning, and other computer science subjects while pursuing an engineering degree that included software development. At the time, I was interested in mobile app development, so when I considered where to intern, I chose Sony, which has R&D center involved in AI and develops mobile apps for products of all kinds.
And in fact, during the internship, I joined a team of mobile app developers. The first thing that surprised me was when the team leader asked me what technical subject I wanted to take on. I had imagined that all I would be doing was helping in app development, but I was given the freedom to take on a technical subject I was interested in.
Working in a different country might be challenging at first but I was very fortunate to receive overwhelming support from my team. They invited me to join them in company social club activities on the weekend as well as took me sightseeing. I had other experience of working outside India as well but found the professional and personal life to be quite separate, making it difficult for newcomers to adapt. At this point, I thought that if I’ll be working somewhere for many years, it would be better to choose an inclusive environment where the corporate culture accepts and celebrates diversity, regardless of nationality. That was a decisive factor for applying at Sony.

Taking AI-enhanced fintech services

After joining Sony, I was formally assigned to the development team where I had served as an intern. There, I took on many development projects–from a mobile app for easily connecting to and controlling portable music players (such as wireless Sony headphones or smartphones) to a cloud service library that can share audio data with a variety of devices. Besides this, I took the initiative to join an internal project launched for autonomous entertainment robot “aibo” , where I helped develop advanced AI and machine learning technology.
Now, I’m mainly involved in fintech projects. You might not know it, but Sony business includes financial solutions that apply AI. Every day is challenging, and my projects involve not only technical development but also client meetings to understand requirements, and even proposals for new business models. For someone such as myself, who wants to pursue AI technology, Sony is an ideal place. Sony R&D center are creating next-gen AI technology, and this technology can now be used by business units across a broad range of fields, so you can gain a wealth of experience.

Aspiring to improve Indian living standards
through technology, career

I aspire to be an engineer who not only specializes in a certain business field but rather knows about a range of them. Sony Group business encompasses many fields from electronics to entertainment and finance. The company also has an in – house system which enables you to pursue any of these fields that may interest you. Looking ahead, I hope to gain experience in fintech and other business of all kinds as I build a career in management. I’d also like to help popularize Sony software technology around the world. Although most people may think of Sony as an electronics company, internally, we apply advanced software technology such as AI, machine learning, and deep learning in many ways. Maybe one day, for example, we can offer new open innovation through the technology we have developed by releasing it online in software development platforms. Ultimately, I hope the new solutions or businesses supported by my technology or career will help improve standards of living in my home country of India.

System & Platform Technology Development Div
R&D Center
Graduated 2013. Computer Science and Engineering
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