Pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity. Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEOPioneer the future with dreams and curiosity. Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO

Sony was born from people's dreams, and has grown with them. It was established by founders who shared a dream and a strong will to enrich people's lives through the power of technology, and this is the very origin of our Purpose: "to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology."

Sony's business portfolio, which is run under the management direction of "getting closer to people," can be divided into three categories centered on people. Businesses that move people's hearts: our content and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) businesses work with creators to bring to life emotionally impactful content and deliver it to users. Businesses that connect people to people: our branded hardware businesses provide equipment and solutions that are essential for creators to produce emotionally impactful content for users to enjoy. Our CMOS image sensor business produces key devices for smartphones used by people around the world to capture and share their emotions. And with a long-term perspective, we're working on businesses that support people: our automotive sensors provide value to people in the form of safety, our medical equipment provides value to people in the form of health, and our financial services provide value to people in the form of assurance.

While Sony’s business portfolio is diverse and this diversity is our strength, we have the commonality of people always remaining at our core. We seek to create value by building on the strength of our technology and the diversity of our employees, which permeate all our Group's businesses.

One unique thing about the Sony Group is that each employee, with the diverse knowledge and different perspectives, can inspire each other to experience dynamic growth through their work. At Sony, we believe that the growth of each employee will lead to the growth of the company. And our diverse business areas offer many opportunities for challenges. If you thoroughly consider how you can contribute, have a broad perspective, and actively take on challenges, the fields in which you can play an active role are available for you, across the global Sony Group.

As a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology, and one that provides safety and assurance to the world, Sony will continue to create new customer value and contribute to society. To create new and sustainable value over the long-term, it's extremely important for all Sony employees to share the same answer to the question: "for what purpose does Sony exist, and where is it heading?" We are looking forward to working together with motivated individuals with unique strengths who can open the possibilities of our future with “Dreams and Curiosity” to create and continue to deliver Kando (emotion) to the world.

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