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Bringing Sony’s Unique Technology and Products to the
Global Markets by Strong Partnerships

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I belong to the TV Business Development team for the Americas region at Sony Electronics. As the head of business development, my primary role is to identify, investigate, evaluate, negotiate, and develop strategic business alliances that align with the organization's long-range goals, including third-party apps. I develop proposals for new business and opportunities in both new and existing markets. I negotiate terms that maintain the organization's brand integrity and value while leveraging alliance partners' resources. I coordinate communications with alliance partners and ensures all deliverables are met according to the partnership agreements. In summary, if you own a Sony's TV in any country in the Americas region and are enjoying any application to watch your favorite movie, series, sports, or news, probably that app was a partnership that my team or I made.
Additionally, to my TV Business development role, in North America, I am also in charge of the strategy of Eye-sensing Light Field Display, which is Sony’s unique 3D Spatial Reality Display technology. It's a new technology that will change the way 3D content creators work, and it uses high-speed vision sensors and face recognition algorithms. It can be easily applied to VR and AR content, providing a versatile volumetric content creation environment to creators in various fields such as entertainment and product design. I am very excited to be in charge of finding ways to bring this product to the market.

My Passion for Work~Contributing to the Launch of New Products and Technology that Improves People’s Life.

I am passionate about technology and how it can change people's lives. At my work at Sony, I am thrilled to be part of an organization that brings new technologies, products, and solutions to the market. It's gratifying to visit countries in America's regions, such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, and see that our consumers are enjoying Sony's TVs and watching applications that I negotiated and brought to the product.

Besides, I feel fortunate to be part of a global organization where I can interact with different countries and colleagues. Every year my department gathers with colleagues from different countries and regions to share best practices, benchmark, and brainstorm ideas for a global level. Team diversity is what makes us unique, and I learn every day with the interactions I have within the company and our external partners. The whole experience with my job role and interaction with different parts of the organization makes my job worthwhile.

There are also challenging things in my job, and to rapidly adapt the business to markets that are changing every day is difficult. Technology, economy, consumer behavior, and legislations are continually changing and evolving, and they all impact the way we do business. In my role, I need to be very resilient to quickly change the strategy in different countries to stay competitive and updated with what's happening in the market. Although it's a challenge, I also find it very excited to always improve, reinvent myself, and look into different ways to succeed.

My future goal is to keep contributing to the launch of new products and Technology that improve people’s lives. Build strong partnerships that can add value to the organization. Learn about new business, technology, and trends that I can apply to my current and future assignment. Additionally, help and mentoring new people to achieve the next level in their careers within the organization.

Why Sony?

When I was at university, I wanted to work with Technology and build an international career. Sony was the most attractive company since it's global with many different businesses and opportunities in technology or entertainment. Looking back to my career, I am thrilled that I joined, and for the past 16 years, I had the opportunity to work in 3 different countries (Brazil, Japan, and the US) assuming five different roles and positions. I cannot think about any other company that would provide such a fantastic, fun, and rewarding global career experience where I could grow personally and professionally.

Develop Strong Communication Skills and Be Passionate About What You Are Doing

In the Business Development role, you are responsible for developing the business side of the organization. You must identify arising business opportunities and build long-term relationships with prospects. Therefore, a good business developer must have strong communication skills to communicate, present, assert, and speak to all the stakeholders involved. The person also has to dive right in, take the lead, use initiative, influence, and build strong partnerships with internal and external organizations. Be resilient to prepare for the market changes, highly skilled in sales and business operations. But most importantly, be passionate about what you are doing, learn as much as possible about the business/product, and know that what you do have a significant impact on how people will enjoy Sony’s products.

When joining the Sony group, try to learn as much as possible about the company, its products, services, and divisions. It will help you get a broad vision of how you can contribute to the company while looking at your next assignment.  Sony is an excellent company with a variety of different groups and departments where you can build your career in your own country or global.

Eye-sensing Light Field Display
Delivering 3D Creators' Visions to Customers the Way They Intended

Thaisa Yamamura
Business development
Business Administration/Marketing
Joined Sony in 2004(Business development, Sony Electronics)
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