Revealing Sony Across Time

The First Man to Sell a “Sony“ Product Overseas
Sony's "Black & Silver" Design
"What's a Tape Recorder?"
1960: Sony America Established
Sony Founder Masaru Ibuka's New Year's Dream Comes True
Walkman Finds its Way into the Global Vocabulary
Masaru Ibuka's Aspirations for the Next Generation of Scientifically-gifted Youth
First --- and Last Place?  Sony Products on Parade!
The Little-known Transistor Radio Kit
Have you heard of the "Nama-roku (on-site recording) Boom?"
CBS/Sony Records Inc. Established in 1968
1950s "Moving Showroom"
Being Ahead of the Times Has Limitations as well
To Sony, the Transistor Inventor
Replay! Expanding the Possibilities of VTR
A Giant Screen Lights up the Night
The Origins of Sony's VTRs
Farewell, Gottenyama HQ!
Sony Flies Out to the World
1966 - Sony Building is Born
There Goes the Neighborhood
The Coat Hanger's Musings
The Original Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Corporation Sign
Seeing the Roots of Monozukuri in Color
A 50 year-old Package