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Vol.8 : Farewell, Gottenyama HQ!

After 60 years, HQ moves to new site to build new future

This February, the move to the new Sony HQ site at Sony City was completed. From now on, over 6,000 Sony employees will work in the same 20-storey building.

It was 60 years ago in January 1947 that Sony moved from its first site in Nihonbashi to its second in Gottenyama. The photo shows the 1961 metal plate that commemorates the historic event: "Sony Corporation took its first steps on January 20, 1947 on this site, originally a plot of roughly 200 sq meters." Mind, not all the factories, warehouses and offices were brought on site until February 25.

And now, 60 years later, another historic move. At the completion ceremony on October 27, CEO Dr. Chubachi said he hopes Sony City will become the ideal factory for free-thinking, broad-minded innovation and the base to re-launch Sony as a global and technology leader. Sony City will be the foundation to build Sony's future in the 21st century.

1947, move HQ to Shinagawa. The HQ
was really just a wooden barrack
The new "Sony City" HQ built on the
site of the former Shibaura TEC.
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