Vol.18 : First --- and Last Place? Sony Products on Parade!

June 2, 1976---Sony Takes over The National Stadium

On June 2, 1976, Sony assembled all its products at The National Stadium in Sendagaya, Tokyo. The objective was to take photos for use in company guides, pamphlets and other printed materials, as well as video footage to be used later for creating corporate promotional and video materials. It was an extremely busy day. Starting early in the morning, countless staff members brought in products, unpacked them, cleaned seats, set up products, then repacked and removed them once shooting was completed.

In 1976 (before the days of Walkman and Handycam) Sony's mainstay product categories were radio, audio and television. Even so, gathering such a huge lineup of products in one place and arranging them in an orderly fashion created a truly grand sight. To do the same today with Sony's current product line-up would surely create an even grander sight, but would almost certainly be impossible...

All these products are from the bygone analog era, and yet they somehow create a commanding presence...
Sony's mics -- bold and stylish!