Corporate History

  • 1946

    Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation
    Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita established Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) inside Shirokiya in Nihombashi, Tokyo.
  • 1950

    Japan's first magnetic tape recorder, the G-Type, launched
  • 1955

    Japan's first transistor radio, the TR-55, launched
  • 1958

    Name changed from Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. to Sony Corporation
  • 1960

    Sony Corporation of America (SCA) established in the US
    Compact, lightweight portable transistor TV is launched
  • 1965

    World's first consumer-use open-reel VTR, the CV-2000, launched
  • 1966

    Sony Building opened in Ginza, Tokyo
  • 1968

    "Trinitron" color TV, the KV-1310, launched
    CBS/Sony Records Inc., a joint venture with CBS Inc. of the US, established in Japan

    It was renamed Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in 1991

    Sony Music Entertainment
  • 1970

    Sony becomes first Japanese company to have shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • 1975

    Consumer-use "Betamax" VCR, the SL-6300, launched
  • 1976

    BV series of "U-Matic" VTR for broadcasting operations is launched
  • 1979

    Launch of the Walkman (TPS-L2) Portable Stereo Cassette Player
    Joint venture with The Prudential Insurance Company of America, establishing Sony Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (name changed to Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. In 1991)
    Sony Life
  • 1980

    Development and launch of CCD Image Sensor
  • 1982

    Launch of CDP-101, World’s First CD Player
    1/2-inch "Betacam" integrated camera/VTR for professional broadcasting is launched
  • 1984

    World's first portable CD player, the D-50, launched
  • 1985

    8mm camcorder, the CCD-V8, launched
  • 1988

    CBS Records Inc. acquired. It was renamed Sony Music Entertainment Inc. in 1991
    Sony Music Entertainment
  • 1989

    Compact and lightweight passport-sized 8mm camcorder, "Handycam" CCD-TR55, launched
    US-based Columbia Pictures Entertainment Inc. acquired Renamed Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1991
    Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • 1992

    MD (MiniDisc), a smaller-sized recording and playback format for digital audio, is launched
    Four models of MD (MiniDisk) system, including MZ-1, launched
  • 1994

    Sony Computer Entertainment (currently Sony Interactive Entertainment) launched the PlayStation® home video game console in Japan.
    Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 1996

    Sony Communication Network Corporation established (currently Sony Network Communications Inc.), launches "So-net" internet service
    Sony Network Communications
    Launch of the digital still camera "Cybershot" DSC-F1
    Personal computer "VAIO", PCV-90/70, launches first in the US, and later in Japan
  • 1997

    FeliCa, a contactless IC card technology, is used for the first time anywhere in Hong Kong's "Octopus" subway system.
  • 1998

    Sony Insurance Planning Co., Ltd. is established. Renamed Sony Assurance in 1999
    Sony Assurance
  • 1999

    "AIBO" entertainment robot, ERS-110, launched
  • 2000

    "CineAlta" HDCAM camcorder, HDW-F900, launched
  • 2001

    Sony Bank Inc. is established
    Sony Bank
    Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Inc. is established
  • 2003

    Launch of the world's first "Blu-ray Disc" recorder, BDZ-S77
  • 2004

    Sony Financial Holdings Inc. is established
  • 2005

    Launch of "BRAVIA" TV series with high picture and audio quality
  • 2006

    Digital single-lens camera α is launched
  • 2007

    Sony Financial Holdings Inc. listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • 2008

    Sony announces development of back-illuminated CMOS image sensor
    Digital Hi-Vision Handycam with world's first back-illuminated CMOS image sensor is launched" (2009)
  • 2011

    Joint acquisition of EMI Music Publishing (Became wholly-owned subsidiary in 2018)
  • 2012

    Sony Ericsson becomes wholly-owned subsidiary, renamed to Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
    Xperia™ Z launched with a thin, flat body and large full HD display
    Sony Mobile Communications
  • 2013

    Sony Olympus Medical Solutions is established
    Sony Olympus Medical Solutions
  • 2016

    Sony Lifecare Group opened a nursing care home, "SONARE" in Soshigaya-Okura, Tokyo
    Sony Lifecare
  • 2018

    "aibo" entertainment robot, ERS-1000, launched
  • 2020

    “VISION-S” prototype announced
    Showcasing efforts in the area of mobility - such as pursuing safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment
    Sony Financial Holdings becomes wholly-owned subsidiary (It was renamed Sony Financial Group Inc. in 2021)
    Sony Financial Group
  • 2021

    Name change and relaunch as Sony Group Corporation
    The name “Sony Corporation” is inherited by the electronics business company, the origin of Sony’s business