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As of April 1st, 2021

Members of the Board

Kenichiro Yoshida
Member of Nominating Committee

Hiroki Totoki

Shuzo Sumi*
Chairman of the Board
Chair of Nominating Committee

Tim Schaaff

Kazuo Matsunaga*
Vice Chairman of the Board
Chair of Audit Committee

Toshiko Oka*
Member of Audit Committee

Sakie Akiyama*
Member of Compensation Committee

Wendy Becker*
Chair of Compensation Committee

Yoshihiko Hatanaka*
Member of Nominating Committee

Adam Crozier*
Member of Nominating Committee

Keiko Kishigami*
Member of Audit Committee

Joseph A. Kraft Jr.*
Member of Compensation Committee

* An Outside Director who satisfies the requirements under Item 15, Article 2 of the Companies Act of Japan

Chairman, President
**Representative Corporate Executive Officer

Kenichiro Yoshida**

Executive Deputy President and CFO
**Representative Corporate Executive Officer

Hiroki Totoki**

Vice Chairman **Representative Corporate Executive Officer

Shigeki Ishizuka**
Support for Electronics Businesses
Officer in charge of Quality Management

Executive Deputy President and CTO***Corporate Executive Officer

Toru Katsumoto***
Officer in charge of R&D
Support for Medical Business
President, R&D Center

Senior Executive Vice President
***Corporate Executive Officer

Terushi Shimizu
Officer in charge of Imaging & Sensing Solutions Business
Representative Director, President and CEO, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
Representative Director and President, Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Representative Director and President, Sony LSI Design Inc.

Rob Stringer
Officer in charge of Music Business (Global)
Chairman, Sony Music Group
CEO, Sony Music Entertainment

Anthony Vinciquerra
Officer in charge of Pictures Business
Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Jim Ryan
Officer in charge of Game & Network Service Business
President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
Representative Director and President, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

Shunsuke Muramatsu
Officer in charge of Music Business (Japan)
President and Representative Director of the Board, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.

Jon Platt
Officer in charge of Music Publishing (Global)
Chairman and CEO, Sony Music Publishing

Masashi Oka
Senior Executive Vice President
President and CEO, Representative Director, Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.

Kimio Maki
Senior Executive Vice President
Officer in charge of Electronics Products & Solutions Business
Representative Director, President and CEO, Sony Corporation

Shiro Kambe***
Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, External Relations, and Privacy

Kazushi Ambe***
Officer in charge of Human Resources and General Affairs

Executive Vice President

Tsuyoshi Kodera
Officer in charge of Digital Transformation Strategy, Information Systems, and Information Security

Toshimoto Mitomo
Officer in charge of Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform
Sony Group China Representative
Senior General Manager, Startup Acceleration Division

Hiroaki Kitano
Officer in charge of AI Collaboration
President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
Representative Director and CEO, Sony AI Inc.

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