Sony's Accessibility CSUN 2022Sony's Accessibility CSUN 2022

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference(CSUN)2022

Exhibition Overview

Sony Group Corporation will participate in the 37th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, held in Anaheim, California. CSUN is the world's largest international conference that various industry-leading companies, governments, and academic experts will gather to introduce the latest products and services and their efforts with accessibility as the keyword.
Sony strives to fulfill our Purpose to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Therefore, we are applying technology to incorporate accessibility into our products and services for a future where everyone shares the moment with no limitations. As part of this effort, Sony has been participating in CSUN since 2018.
At the Sony booth in 2022, some of the products that Sony plans to introduce are BRAVIA™ TVs, SRS-NS7, LinkBuds, Alpha 7 IV and PlayStation®5, which are accessible.
In addition, we plan to hold a session to introduce Sony's ongoing accessibility initiatives.
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Main exhibits


These TVs are equipped with a variety of accessibility features to assist with vision, hearing, and action. The display at the venue allows you to experience the Text Magnification function*1*2, which magnifies the text on the screen, and the Screen Reader function*1*3, which reads out the TV settings. BRAVIA™ TVs equipped with Google Assistant enable you to control the TV by simply speaking directly to the TV with simple commands such as "OK, Google, XX," or search for videos on YouTube™, turn the TV on and off, and adjust the volume. *4*5*6

  • *1"Screen Reader" and "Text Magnification" functions are in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.
  • *2Text Magnification is only supported for some applications and only for areas where focusing is possible.
  • *3The Screen Reader is only supported in some regions and languages, and only for areas where focusing is possible.
  • *4You will need an Internet connection to use the voice search function and applications. Depending on which model you use, you may have to log into a Google account. You may also need to sign up or become a subscriber to use some applications.
  • *5You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy to use BRAVIA TVs equipped with Google LLC's Google TV / Android TV. More information is available in Google Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy.
  • *6Google, Google TV, YouTube and Android TV are trademarks of Google LLC.

SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker

The SRS-NS7 is a wireless neckband speaker. Since it delivers sounds close to your ears, you can enjoy their impact, even in environments where loud noises must be suppressed out of consideration for neighbors and other people around you. Ergonomically designed to fit securely around the neck, the SRS-NS7 enables you to enjoy videos and music content in comfort. At the venue, the speaker is connected to the BRAVIA XR™ TV to provide visitors with a highly realistic video viewing experience.

Alpha 7 IV Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

The Alpha 7 IV camera comes with the Eye AF function, which expands the fun and joy of photography by allowing the camera to focus on the subject's eyes instantly and easily. It also features a Screen Reader function*1 to provide audio assistance with several settings and operations during video playback.
The visitors of the technical exhibit at the venue can shoot videos and still images using the Alpha7IV camera equipped with the RETISSA ®SUPER CAPTURE*2 laser retinal projection technology developed independently by QD Laser Inc., and use the Screen Reader function when replaying videos.
As a company that aims to attract and foster the inventive instincts of creators of all kinds, Sony strongly supports and participates in this project, which expands the range of opportunities open to people with low vision by enabling them to use imaging technology to express their creativity.

  • *1The Screen Reader function is limited to the North American model of the Alpha 7 IV (ILCE-7M4) (when set to English) and is only supported for some settings and operations during movie playback.
  • *2RETISSA is a registered trademark or trademark of QD Laser, Inc.


PlayStation®5 is equipped with system and display customization settings that are easier to see and use. Select Settings > Accessibility from the control center. From there, you can customize display features including Zoom, Color Correction, Text Size, Bold Text, High Contrast and Closed Captioning. You can also change button assignments like vibration intensity and adaptive trigger effect intensity.

PS5 Screen Reader* can also read aloud the text on screen and provide spoken guidance for operating the console. During gameplay, chat transcription converts the voice chat of other players in parties and games to text and read aloud the text you enter to other players. These features, and more, help create a more comfortable environment.

  • *The Screen Reader function and some of the other accessibility features supported by the PS5™ may differ in certain regions and languages. For more information, please visit the Accessibility Settings websites listed below.
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About a session

At the beginning, Vice Chairman, Representative Corporate Executive Officer of Sony Group Corporation, Shigeki Ishizuka, and President and COO of Sony North America, Neal Manowitz, will send messages regarding Sony's accessibility. Also, Sony's ongoing accessibility initiatives will be introduced, such as collaboration with organizations for people with disabilities and the latest products which are accessible.
The session, "Connect with Sony's Accessibility initiatives", will be delivered on YouTube Live.
March 16, 2022 4:20PM- (PDT)/March 17, 2022 8:20AM- (JST)

By exhibiting at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, Sony is promoting efforts to improve accessibility by making more customers aware of accessibility-friendly products and services and listening to the voices of various customers.

Exhibition Report

Approximately 2,500 people visited CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in 2022, and many of them experienced accessibility-friendly Sony's products. At the entrance of Sony's exhibition area, the autonomous entertainment robot "aibo", that was exhibited as a surprise, welcomed visitors as the mascot dog. Many people stopped at the cute gestures of aibo, they stroked him and squealed with delight when he played with the ball. People of all ages with diverse needs and backgrounds visited Sony's exhibition moving from one exhibit to another. Sony's staff introduced the accessibility features of each product while listening to the attendee's lifestyles and challenges.
The members involved in this exhibition are also diverse and it was run mainly by members of Sony North America, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and the Employees Resources Group, which works to improve accessibility. An employee with visual impairment also participated as staff, and visitors with same needs were seen talking passionately about accessibility. Visitors experienced the product from their variety of perspectives and provided many valuable opinions and encouraging comments that led to new awareness and improvement. The event was COVID-19 conscious and on a regular basis the event organizer ensured that the attendees and exhibitors were in good health

CSUN 2022 All the explanatory staff
*The mask is removed only when taking a picture.