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We strive for a society where everyone shares the moment, pursuing initiatives such as inclusive design that deliver new experiental value.

Realising inclusive design

Initiatives to incorporate customer feedback into products

To ensure that its products and services can be used by as many people as possible, including people with disabilities, the Sony Group conducts interviews and usability tests with people with disabilities during the planning and development process, and reflects the results in its products and services.

Hands-on experiences for people with visual impairments

Each year, the TV segment provides opportunities for people with disabilities to experience our products firsthand with a view to improving accessibility. In 2020, we held a hands-on experience event online for customers with visual impairments.

We listened to a wide range of opinions about the ease of obtaining information on accessibility, as well as the voice control and text-to-speech functions installed on TVs, and worked together with participants to consider ways to improve accessibility.

A hands-on experience session
Cooperation with Organizations of People with Disabilities

The Sony Group has established regular dialogs with organizations of people with disabilities in order to further improve the usability of Sony products and services. Sony North America and Sony Europe, in cooperation with organizations for people with visual and hearing impairments, are engaged in various activities to proactively incorporate the opinions of people with disabilities. Examples include usability tests aimed at product improvements and working with people with visual impairments on product display stand prototypes equipped with Braille and audio guides.

Making PlayStation® "The Best Place to Play"

To give individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to enjoy games and other, content and services, Sony Interactive Entertainment is constantly working through trial and error on improving accessibility on PlayStation®.

The Challenge of Accessibility Support
* Produced in 2018

Inclusive Design Initiatives at SXSW

Sony took part in SXSW (South by Southwest) 2019, the world's largest creative business festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2019.
Sony showcased its new initiative on inclusive design by presenting the experiential exhibit “CAVE without a LIGHT.”

Using Technology to Expand the Number of Snow Sports Enthusiasts

Sony is involved in various efforts to contribute to culture and sports using technology. One experimental initiative has been to use Sony’s original Bluetooth®-related technology to provide support for snow sports athletes, who can find themselves in some rugged outdoor surroundings.

A technology was developed to allow simultaneous calls between several people within a radius of up to 1 kilometer, even when they are on a mountaintop or other areas where it is difficult to find Internet-connectivity or even a mobile phone signal. Users only need to attach a device equipped with this technology onto their ski helmets to carry out hands-free conversations with coaches, teammates and others who are at some distance from them. The technology has been adopted for experimental use during training by Japanese ski athletes (belonging to the Ski Association of Japan, Japan Para-Ski Federation, etc.) who are expected to be part of the Japan national team.

It is a technology that is useful not only for serious competitors. The device will also enable children or foreigners, who may have no previous snow sports experience, to receive lessons from instructors or through interpreters. It is a technology that will support the achievement of a safe environment in which everyone, from top athletes to beginners, can enjoy sports.

Snowboard halfpipe all-Japan national team, on the road at Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA (January 6, 2018)

Using Technology to Overcome Disabilities: Our Challenge to Develop Prosthetic Limbs

Dr. Ken Endo of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) focuses on three main areas of research related to prosthetic limbs: 1) robotic legs that come closer to emulating human gait using motors to reproduce ankle and knee functions; 2) affordable, locally manufactured prosthetic limbs for developing countries where there are many people with lower limb disabilities, such as India, where he was posted; and 3) competition prosthetics to support athletes.
Dr. Endo dreams of seeing an athlete with a prosthetic limb running just as fast, or faster, than an athlete without a disability in sprint races. If that happens, it will completely revolutionize the future of disabled sports. This fitness prosthetic research raises the possibility of creating technology that can boost athletes' potential beyond their natural capacities, whether they have disabilities or not. In this way, technology might eliminate the line between "abled" and "disabled" almost entirely. With this vision in mind, Dr. Endo carries out his research each day.


The Game Awards (TGA) 2020 "Innovation in Accessibility Award" Winner

The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II has won various awards including "Game of the Year" at The Game Awards (TGA), one of the world's top gaming prizes. Among them, the "Innovation in Accessibility Award" was established in 2020. This award was established to honor games that make maximum use of functions, technology, and content to enhance enjoyment for a wider range of users.
The Last of Us Part II has more than 60 different accessibility settings to enable a wider range of players to enjoy the game. The accessibility functions of the earlier Uncharted 4: A Thief's End have been enhanced to feature greatly expanded audio and more refined mobility options. Various visual settings can be adjusted to suit the user's disability level. Our success in winning the inaugural Innovation in Accessibility Award is the result of our pursuit of the best possible gaming experiences for each and every player.

The Last of Us Part II accessibility: Custom control settings

IAUD International Design Award 2020

The International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) presents the IAUD International Design Awards for universal design (UD) excellence. The awards recognize organizations and individuals who have "conducted or proposed particularly noteworthy activities aimed at realizing a UD society."

In the Product Design category, Sony also Received a Bronze Award for the SRS-LSR200 Wireless Handy TV Speaker

The SRS-LSR200 Wireless Handy TV Speaker is equipped with a remote control function that makes TV audio easier to hear close by, away from the TV. Following SRS-LSR100's winning in 2019, SRS-200 won the bronze award in the Product Design category in 2020. These speakers automatically adjust volume according to ambient sounds to help the viewer hear audio better and make dialog crisper and clearer. The large volume control with integrated power button is also simple for anyone to use. This award recognized these points.

Best Video Presentation Award of 2020 Winter HCD Research Meeting

Toy Platform toio™

Sony Interactive Entertainment has won Best Video Presentation Award for "The Importance of Inclusive Design in New Business: The Case of Robot Toy Platform toio" at the 2020 Winter HCD Research Meeting hosted online by the Human Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net).

HCD Research Presentations have been held since 2009 as a forum for presenting research and case studies on human-centered design (HCD) and usability.

The toio presentation introduced cases where user feedback was repeatedly reflected in the product from the planning and design stages onwards. As an example, one of the users who had used the product said, "I couldn't play with it because I couldn't distinguish the colors." To remedy the situation, we used colors and lettering to enable anyone to differentiate one box from another quickly and accurately.

The product received high praise for its excellent content and potential for future progress in research because of its consistent approach to inclusive design issues from the initial product development stage onwards.


Sony Life Insurance wins Excellence Award in the Accessibility Award category at the 8th Web Grand Prix

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Official Website

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. has won the Excellence Award in the Accessibility Award category, Corporate Grand Prix Category at the 8th Web Grand Prix, organized by the Japan Advertisers Association Inc. and the Web Advertising Bureau. Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd.'s official website uses high contrast to help customers read the information, and user flows that can be navigated without a mouse. The website was praised for making it easier for more customers to reach and use the information it offers.
Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is proactively working to improve the accessibility of its website and other points of contact with customers. The aim is to create a convenient website that provides engaging content for all users, including those with disabilities, those who are temporarily unable to perform normal operations due to illness or injury, and the elderly.

Excellence Prize of HCD-Net AWARD 2019

Sony Corporation received the Excellence Prize of HCD-Net AWARD 2019 for its CAVE without a LIGHT experiential entertainment, a display of Inclusive Design practices and processes.
The Human-Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net) sponsors the HCD-Net AWARD to commend excellence in knowledge and know how in the area of Human Centered Design. CAVE without a LIGHT was recognized as an excellent example of Inclusive Design that enables visitors to experience the sensations felt by people with disabilities by involving the latter in creating an inspired entertainment. It was also praised for its ongoing cross-organizational efforts in the area of Inclusive Design.

FY2018 National Invention Awards, Asahi Shimbun Award


As part of the FY2018 National Invention Awards sponsored by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII), Sony Corporation has been awarded the Asahi Shimbun Award for inventing a wireless device connection method that is operated by touch.

The award commends this invention for its contribution to the spread and development of accessible products through the achievement of universal designs that reduce the burden on users by means of a wireless device connection method that uses touch operation.

The invention combines NFC (Near Field Communication) and other short-range wireless communications methods with WiFi and other high-bandwidth wireless communications methods. Simply touching together the devices that the user wants to connect initiates NFC communications, allowing WiFi and other methods to take over the actual connections. This simple operation thus launches wireless communications between devices without requiring the user to be aware of setting up complicated wireless connections.

The invention also adopts the NFC Forum's Connection handover protocol as its international standard, and is installed in many products as an intuitive inter-device connection technology. In this way, it contributes to the spread and development of products that embody universal designs that are easy and intuitive for anyone to use.

  • *The National Invention Awards were inaugurated in 1919 to contribute to enhancing Japan's science and technology, and industrial development.
    The Awards come with a gift from the Imperial Family, and commend inventions and creations that have already made considerable contributions, or whose excellence encourages great expectations for future achievements.
    National Invention Awards (in Japanese only)
  • Recipients of Asahi Shimbun award
    Junichi Rekimoto, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
    Haruo Oba, ex-Sony corporation
    Yuji Ayatsuka, Nobuyuki Matsushita, Eduardo Agusto Sciammarella, ex-Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.
  • Recipients of Invention implementation achievements award
    Kenichiro Yoshida President and CEO, Sony corporation
  • *When an obligee of a patent is a corporation, a representative of a corporation wins this award.

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) 2016 Innovation Award

Entertainment Access Glasses

Sony Corporation's Entertainment Access Glasses (STW-C140GI) received an Innovation Award *2 from the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) *1.

The HLAA awards committee selected the Entertainment Access Glasses, which project holographic captions onto glasses, for giving hearing-impaired individuals more opportunities to enjoy movies on the big screen.
"Sony has demonstrated a significant achievement, resulting in people with hearing loss being able to enjoy a movie with friends and family, children and grandchildren at any time, for any showing," an HLAA representative explained during the awards ceremony at HLAA Convention 2016, a nationwide gathering of organization members. "The experience of being an equal part of the community cannot be overstated."

Entertainment Access Glasses projects easy-to-see green text onto glass lenses as a superimposed overlay and lets users adjust the text height of the captions they see, creating a natural watching experience that eliminates the need to look away from the screen and keeps the text from interfering with the onscreen visual content. Light and comfortable, the Glasses help people with hearing loss understand character dialogue at the same pace as hearing people do. They let wearers adjust the size, perceived distance, and language of the captions. They also feature receiver box that allows wearers to plug in their headphones and access multiplex audio accompaniment for people with visual impairments.

Entertainment Access Glasses
  • *1The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), the United States' leading organization representing people with hearing loss, has a total membership of approximately 480,000 individuals and serves to provide the hearing-impaired with information, support, and advocacy.
  • *2The HLAA Innovation Award honors companies and individuals who have designed and promoted products, services, and/or standards for technology that improve the lives and experiences with hearing loss. Innovative technology allows people with hearing loss to find new and exciting ways to fully participate in the world around them. Innovation Awards go to a wide variety of technologies, including portable captioning devices, hearing aid-compatible mobile phones, wide-area listening systems, and all other forms of new innovation with the power to change the ways in which people with hearing loss live.

Japan Manual Awards

The Japan Technical Communicators Association's "Japan Manual Awards" are the country's only official awards for product manuals. Established in 1991, the Japan Technical Communicators Association has presented Japan Manual Awards on a yearly basis since 1997 in hopes of providing users with manuals that incorporate new production technologies and quality improvements to deliver easy-to-understand information on how to use products safely.

Manual Contest FY2018 Award Recipients

Two Sony product manuals received awards at the Japan Manual Awards 2018 hosted by the Japan Technical Communicators Association. The first was “toio tsukaikata gaido (toio instruction manual)” for Toy Platform toio™, which won an excellence award for the General – Paper Category. The second was “aibo to no kurashi no hajime kata (How to begin life with aibo)” for entertainment robot “aibo,” which won the encouragement award.

The manual for Toy Platform toio™ was recognized because the tutorial was written to be read by children themselves. Various means were taken to help children enjoy reading the manual and playing with the product. For example, colors were changed for each chapter, and illustrations were combined with a casual writing style. Ample space was given to the margins, and the design helped make things easy for children to understand.

The design of the manual for aibo consists of many illustrations. It looks like a picture book which becomes the start of the invaluable story born by aibo and the owners living together. Each page describes a single procedure, written in large font. It was designed to provide the reader with a stress-free reading experience. Care was also taken in the words that were chosen to give a sense that the aibo is actually alive. For example, the owner does not “use” aibo but rather “lives” with aibo and the owner “wakes up” aibo instead of “starts up” aibo.

Promotion Activities

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The third Thursday of May each year is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman, President and CEO of Sony Group Corporation delivered a message at the 2021 GAAD to launch global accessibility awareness activities by Sony Group companies.

Support Social Participation among People with Visual Impairments by training Eye Mate Guide Dogs

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. encourages its employees to participate in social contribution activities. As one of these activities, the company has been selling Eye Mate charity goods and collecting Eye Mate donations every year since fiscal 1997, with the aim of supporting social participation among people with visual impairments.
We donate all proceeds arising from mediated sales other than the purchase price. Our fund-raising activities use a matching gift method whereby the company matches the amounts donated by employees during the year, and the donations are presented to the Eye Mate Inc.*1, an incorporated public interest foundation that fosters Eye Mates.
In fiscal 2020, donations from all employees amounted to approximately ¥7.05 million. Together with the special matching donation from the company, the total amounted to ¥14.1 million. Sony Life Insurance has donated around ¥285.88 million to the Guide Dog Training Project since it was launched. We will continue to support the training of Eye Mates to help as many people with visual impairments as possible to participate in society.

  • *1A public interest corporation that provides Eye Mate (guide dog) training and walking guidance to support independence among people with visual impairments. Based in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, it provides guidance on walking with Eye Mates for people with visual impairments throughout Japan. In aggregate, 1,408 teams have graduated. (As of May 31, 2021. The user and the Eye Mate together are considered a team)

In-company Initiatives to Improve the Accessibility Quality of Sony Products and Services

In order to achieve its purpose, which is to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology," the entire Sony Group is engaged in initiatives to improve accessibility and creating a world no limitations.
A team that promotes accessibility and inclusive design across the group stands at the core of efforts involving cooperation with the people responsible for promoting accessibility in the business units. Having established a globally consistent set of standards and systems, we are using them as the basis for continuous improvements. We provide comprehensive support for the Sony Group's accessibility-related activities, including employee training, company-wide lectures, surveys and evaluation tools designed to improve accessibility, and the introduction of inclusive design.
Regular general meetings of managers in charge of promoting accessibility at business units work under the supervision of executive officers of the Sony Group Corporation to monitor the progress of activities and improvement plans.

Employee Resource Group activities relating to accessibility

Groups of employees at Sony are taking the lead in improving accessibility.
At Sony North of America and Sony Interactive Entertainment, employee networks are leading the way in supporting employees with disabilities and regularly disseminating information to raise awareness of accessibility within the company. Through these activities, these groups are contributing to improvements in the accessibility of our products and services by utilizing feedback from employees with disabilities.

Standardization Activities to Improve Accessibility

Sony is also proactively involved in standardization activities aimed at driving improvements in accessibility throughout the industry.
Ulrike Haltrich of Sony Europe chairs the SyC AAL (System Committee Active Assisted Living), a committee under the jurisdiction of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which works to develop standards to support independent living in an increasingly ageing society. In November 2019, he also assumed the chairmanship of IEC TC100, a committee spearheading the standardization of new video, audio, and multimedia technologies, and working on standardizing the entire system.

Customers' voice

Enhancing Accessibility at General Meetings of Shareholders

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was accessible to shareholders both in person and via live webcast*.
As in previous years, wheelchair-accessible seating was available at the venue, and simultaneous interpretation into English and information for shareholders with visual or hearing disabilities was provided. The online relay distributed transcripts summarizing the proceedings at the venue for people with hearing impairments, and audio commentaries on the slide presentations projected on the screen for people with visual impairments.

  • *Shareholders were advised to exercise their voting rights in advance and refrain from coming to the meeting to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
On-screen image of the transcript

Sign Language/Conversation-in-Writing Service

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Sony Assurance Inc. provide sign language and written communication services to facilitate inquiries from customers with hearing or speech disabilities. Operators use their sign language interpretation skills for sign language or written conversations with customers.

  • *This service is only available in Japan.
Processing inquiries using sign language and written communications

Five different ways to contact us for inquiries (in Japanese only)

You are free to choose the method for contacting us—by LINE (instant messaging), chat, email, support forum / community website, or telephone—according to what is most convenient for you. Text-based inquiries like LINE and chat are particularly useful since they can be made from anywhere and you will not need to take any notes.
We also offer a list of questions frequently asked by our customers and answers (FAQs) that you can check before making your inquiry.

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