We strive for a society where everyone shares the moment,
pursuing initiatives such as inclusive design that deliver new experiential value.

Accessibility initiatives at Sony

Our purpose is to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." At Sony, we're promoting inclusive design*1 and other initiatives to improve accessibility and to create a future shared by everyone.

  • *1Inclusive design is an approach that obtains new insights into designs for all by ensuring that the needs of a wide range of users are understood and included.

Pictures Business Initiatives

In the Pictures business, we provides audio descriptions and captions for movies, and organizes events and operate facilities with accessibility in mind.*1

  • *1Accessibility support for products, events and facilities varies by country and region.

Sony Electronics launches its first Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids in the US

Sony Electronics announced the first two self-fitting OTC hearing aids, the CRE-C10 and the CRE-E10, for the U.S. market. Sony is re-imagining the hearing device space with a focus on innovation, accessibility and personalization. With the unique products, developed in the new partnership with WS Audiology ("WSA"), a leading innovator in hearing aid technology for more than 100 years, Sony will enhance the lives of consumers by combining its unique premium technology, ultimate ease of use, and uncompromised comfort and wearability, to deliver an unprecedented hearing experience that easily bridges the gap between the wearer and their environment.

Technological Initiatives to Improve Accessibility in the Daily Lives of the Elderly
- XR Catch Ball Event at "Sonare Atelier Kugayama" -

Sony Lifecare Inc. (Sony Lifecare), the nursing care business of the Sony Financial Group, has adopted "Life Focus" as its business concept. It focuses on providing nursing care services that allow the elderly residents of its care homes to live the sort of life that suits them best with peace of mind for as long as they wish. Sony Lifecare is also actively pursuing collaborative efforts with the Sony Group from the perspective of enriching the lives of its residents.​
As part of these efforts, Sony Lifecare held an event at its care home in collaboration with the Creative Center, the Sony Group's design department. Residents of the home experienced "XR Catch Ball," which the Creative Center developed from scratch in cooperation with visually impaired people.