We strive for a society where everyone shares the moment,
pursuing initiatives such as inclusive design that deliver new experiential value.

Other Initiatives

A New TV Remote Control Created Based on the Voices of a Variety of Customers

Sony is placing on intuitive and comfortable functions that all users can enjoy, we listen to the voices and needs of those involved such as user research and testing.

Making Everyone Smile via Inclusive Design

The "XR Catch" was developed by Sony Group's design team, Creative Center, with people with visual impairments. We interviewed participants in this project.

Financial Services Initiatives

In its financial business centered on life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking, the Sony Group is actively engaged in activities to enhance accessibility.

What Sony's Accessibility means to us

Sony Group incorporates accessibility into products and services for a future where everyone shares the moment. We encourages a diversity of individuals to work together.

Using Technology to Overcome Disabilities: Our Challenge to Develop Prosthetic Limbs

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Dr. Ken Endo of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) focuses on three main areas of research related to prosthetic limbs.