Sony Publishes "Corporate Report 2023"

Sony has published the "Corporate Report 2023" on August 25, which comprehensively covers both financial and non-financial information about the company.
Based on Sony's Purpose, to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology", the "Corporate Report" shares with a wide range of stakeholders the company's management policy and business strategies, as well as the progress of various initiatives toward value creation from a long-term perspective centered on Kando (emotion) and People.
For this edition, the report also focuses on "Contributing to Creativity with a Long-term View and Greater Diversity and Growth" as a top message. Sony's initiatives for growth are explained in detail in the special feature pages.

Corporate Report 2023

Special Feature: Growth Driven by Investment

Sony is focusing on growth from a long-term perspective under its new management structure that began in April of this year. From fiscal year 2021 to 2023, the period of Sony's fourth mid-range plan, the theme of which is "Sony's Evolution," Sony has continued to pursue the evolution and growth of the Group by aggressively investing in content IP, direct-to-consumer (DTC) and technology, in addition to collaboration between the business segments.

This year's corporate report includes a message from Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida describing "Contributing to Creativity with a Long-term View," followed by a message from President, COO, and CFO Hiroki Totoki on the theme of "Greater Diversity and Growth." In conjunction with those messages, the report also includes "Special Feature: Growth Driven by Investment", a segment that introduces three examples of recent strategic investments and their progress, along with comments from the heads of each business.

The first example in the special feature is Bungie, an independent U.S.-based independent game studio acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) in July 2022 as part of an effort to strengthen its presence in the live service game area. The article summarizes the synergies and expectations for future collaboration created between Bungie and SIE, and the projected scale of SIE's investment in live service games.

The second example is the entertainment business in the Indian market. After touching on the current status of Sony Pictures Networks India (SPNI)'s broadcasting business, which is the largest of Sony's businesses in the Indian region, the article introduces the planned merger of the Indian media and entertainment leader Zee Entertainment into SPNI, and the collaborative Group efforts to expand the creation of locally-rooted content.

The third is Beyond Sports, a Dutch technology company acquired by Sony Corporation to enhance its sports entertainment business. This part focuses on the efforts to create new types of sports entertainment that bridge the real and virtual worlds, which are the goal of the three companies also including Hawk-Eye Innovations and Pulselive, which were acquired by Sony Corporation in 2011.

An excerpt of "Special Feature: Growth Driven by Investment"

In addition, the report includes a message from Executive Deputy President and CSO Toshimoto Mitomo explaining the three "key drivers for creating value" for Sony from a business management perspective, which were designated in 2022 and consist of the "creativity" of many people, continuously evolving "technologies," and "diversity" of people and businesses, as well as the latest initiatives regarding R&D and employees, which are important components of these drivers.

The report also introduces Sony's sustainability initiatives for each of the most important material topics identified last year (climate change, diversity, equity and inclusion, respect for human rights, and technology for sustainability). In addition, areas of focus for sustainability in each business are summarized in a table in an easy-to-read format.

The Aim in Publishing Sony's Corporate Report

Sony has published a corporate report annually since 2019. As part of efforts to achieve the theme of the third mid-range plan (fiscal years 2018 - 2020), "to generate sustainable social value and maintain a high level of profit," the Sony launched the Sustainability Project internally to organize discussions to determine how Sony can create value stories over the long term, and introduced these efforts through the first corporate report.
The aim of issuing the report, which was to "enhance understanding of the company's approach to management from a long-term perspective among investors and other stakeholders, while at the same time promoting further dialogue to enhance Sony's corporate value over the long term," has remained consistent.
Based on internal and external discussions and dialogue, the report is reviewed and updated every year in terms of its structure and information disclosure methods, and has been highly evaluated by many stakeholders.

Sony additionally published the Sustainability Report 2023 on August 25, which comprehensively reports non-financial information. The report provides detailed data and explanations of a wide range of sustainability activities, including respect for the environment, human resources, and human rights. This report is primarily utilized by investors and ESG evaluation organizations.

Disclosure of Financial and Non-Financial Information

Corporate Report 2023 Overview

  • Sony's Purpose & Values
  • Message from the CEO
  • Message from the COO/CFO
  • Special Feature: Growth Driven by Investment
  • Value Creation Model
  • Value Creation
  • Key Drivers for Creating Value
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Highlights
  • Value Creation in Each Business
  • Corporate Governance
  • Group Information
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