Sony Publishes "Corporate Report 2023"

Corporate Report 2023

Sony has published the "Corporate Report 2023" on August 25, which comprehensively covers both financial and non-financial information about the company.
Based on Sony's Purpose, to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology", the "Corporate Report" shares with a wide range of stakeholders the company's management policy and business strategies, as well as the progress of various initiatives toward value creation from a long-term perspective centered on Kando (emotion) and People.
For this edition, the report also focuses on "Contributing to Creativity with a Long-term View and Greater Diversity and Growth" as a top message. Sony's initiatives for growth are explained in detail in the special feature pages.

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What is an "engaging space" as envisioned by Sony's designers? Sony's Creative Center participates in "NYC x DESIGN Festival"

Positioning itself as Sony's "creative hub," the Creative Center engages not only in product design but also in collaborative projects within and outside Sony Group. This May, the Creative Center exhibited at the "NYC×DESIGN Festival" together with the global furniture brand StellarWorks under the theme "STAYDREAM - a surreal reality," and showcased a variety of interactive installations and furniture prototypes incorporating Sony's sensing technology. We interviewed project leader Hirotaka Tako for more details on the exhibition.

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Designing Sony's Pride Logo

A corporate logo is an essential element in forming the foundation of a corporation's relationship with society. In May 2022, Sony introduced a Pride Logo incorporating rainbow colors as a visual representation of its commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. As June is Pride Month, an important time to spread awareness about LGBTQ+ support activities around the world, this edition of the Corporate Blog will share the thoughts of the Sony employees who had a hand in designing the Pride Logo.

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What are the growth narratives across Sony’s diverse businesses?
The “Business Segment Meeting 2023” provides a platform for each business unit to share its story

On May 24th and 25th, Sony Group Corporation held its "Business Segment Meeting 2023“, where management from the Game & Network Services, Music, Pictures, Entertainment, Technology & Services, and Imaging & Sensing Solutions segments explained the growth stories of their business.

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Contributing to Creativity through Management with a Long-term View, and Achieving Growth through Evolution of Diversity - Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting 2023 -

Sony held the "Corporate Strategy Meeting 2023" at its headquarters in Shinagawa, Tokyo on May 18. Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO, spoke on the theme of "Contributing to Creativity through Management with a Long-term View, and Achieving Growth through Evolution of Diversity." In his presentation he provided an overview of Sony's businesses, which originated in sound and have expanded through management from a long-term perspective, and introduced a number of initiatives related to the pursuit of Kando centered on Sony's Purpose. President, COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki also took the stage and underlined how Sony aims to achieve further growth by continuing to evolve the diversity of its people and businesses, and explained the growth strategies for each business. In this blog we will share key points from the speeches at Sony's Corporate Strategy Meeting.

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Two Years Since the Establishment of the "Global Social Justice Fund": Creating a World Where Diverse People Can Live in Harmony

In the two years since establishing the “Global Social Justice Fund,” Sony has provided support to more than 400 organizations working in the areas of Civic and Community Engagement, Criminal Justice Reform, Education, and Diversity Through Impact. Here is the progress of what the fund has accomplished so far.

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STEAM education fostering the power to create new value -
Sony Global Education's vision of education for the future

Programming education has become compulsory in elementary schools and children using tablets in the classroom, the educational environment surrounding children is undergoing major changes. Established in 2015, Sony Global Education (SGE) was one of the first companies to take notice of opportunities for new educational businesses such as STEAM* education and blockchain-based transcripts. The robot programming kit, KOOV is now being used in over 1000 classrooms nationwide. In this interview, we spoke with Masaaki Isozu, the founder and current chairman of SGE, about his ideas regarding the education of the future.
*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

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