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Creating Kando, and Expanding Kando:
Sony's CES ® 2023 Press Conference

CES® 2023 commenced in Las Vegas on January 5, 2023 (U.S. Pacific Time). At the Sony press conference held prior to the event, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida introduced the latest Sony technologies, products, and content, and stated that collaboration with creators who create Kando (emotion) is essential to Sony's Purpose of "filling the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology."
Yoshida explained that the essence of entertainment is the "live" sharing of time and space, and that Sony will contribute to connecting the physical and virtual worlds through technology in the metaverse, mobility and other areas. Speakers from the worlds of movies, games, music, sports, and mobility joined the presentation to discuss the potential for expanding the scope of entertainment through technology. This article covers the key moments from Sony's press conference, together with video highlights.

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From AIBO to VISION-S: Sony's AI Robotics Evolution

Sony has been cultivating its expertise in the area of AI robotics for over two decades through the development of the AIBO entertainment robot and other technologies. Now, certain Sony engineers and product planners who were involved in the development of AIBO and other AI robots are working on VISION-S, Sony’s endeavor to evolve mobility into a space for entertainment.

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STEAM education fostering the power to create new value -
Sony Global Education's vision of education for the future

Programming education has become compulsory in elementary schools and children using tablets in the classroom, the educational environment surrounding children is undergoing major changes. Established in 2015, Sony Global Education (SGE) was one of the first companies to take notice of opportunities for new educational businesses such as STEAM* education and blockchain-based transcripts. The robot programming kit, KOOV is now being used in over 1000 classrooms nationwide. In this interview, we spoke with Masaaki Isozu, the founder and current chairman of SGE, about his ideas regarding the education of the future.
*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

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Building a World Where Everyone is Empowered to Create and Spreading Kando (emotion) with Sony Vlog Cameras

From the perspective of "Co-Creation," the "SESSIONS" series features dialogues that introduce the activities of Sony's diverse employees to create Kando, based on Sony's Purpose. Through conversations between Sony employees and our various partners, this series gives a candid look at scenes from real Sony projects, demonstrating what kinds of "Co-Creation" are enabled by the combination of Sony's creativity and technology with the efforts of business partners and creators, and what kind of Kando these initiatives spread around the world. In this Session installment, we focus on the Sony vlog camera, which is a camera geared toward capturing video and still to meet the creative needs of vloggers, and a wide range of users.

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"For the Future of Humanity and Our Planet"
- The Ever-Evolving Sony Computer Science Laboratories Embraces a New Mission

Since its founding 34 years ago, Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) has been committed to opening the possibilities of humankind and creating a better future through research. This year, Sony CSL has further advanced this philosophy by establishing an updated mission to conduct a wider range of activities with a scope that encompasses not only humanity, but also the planet itself.

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From PlayStation to the Silver Screen: Asad Qizilbash on Making the "Uncharted" Film into a Success and the Future of PlayStation Productions

PlayStation Productions-a new team at Sony that will focus exclusively on adapting first party PlayStation IP for film and TV. We spoke with the head of PlayStation Productions, Asad Qizilbash, about making a film based on "Uncharted," which has already become a global hit, as well as the future for this new initiative.

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