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Exciting Science Crafts

Craft recipes available! Recipes come with Explanations and Learning Points that stimulate children's curiosity. (Feel free to download and use the recipes)
*These craft recipes were those that were used in Sony science workshops.


Shiny rainbow scope

<What you will need> *Also listed in the recipe

  • ・Paper cup (brown) ×2
    ★Lights appear more beautiful with colored cups than with white ones!
    ★Make a hole in one of the two paper cups before use (any size and shape is fine).
  • ・Spectroscopic sheet (available online, in large general stores, and home improvement stores.)
  • ・Double-sided adhesive tape
  • ・Adhesive tape
  • ・Map pin (to punch small holes)


One-string guitar

<What you will need> *Also listed in the recipe

  • ・Rectangular wood bar (10mm × 30mm × 450mm) ×1
  • ・Cardboard
  • ・Musical scale (please download and print in A3 size)
  • ・Two types of bamboo strips – Thick: diameter = 3mm ×2; Thin: diameter = 1.8mm ×10
  • ・Nylon string: No. 10
  • ・Screw eye ×1
  • ・Toothpick ×1
  • ・Paper
  • ・Glue
  • ・Ruler
  • ・Adhesive tape
  • ・Mechanical pencil
  • ・Scissors


Headphones made from PET bottle and milk carton

<What you will need>

  • ・PET bottle ×2
  • ・Polyvinyl formal enameled copper wire (thickness: 0.2 mm, length: 20 m) ×2
    *Enameled wire or polyurethane copper wire can also be used instead of polyvinyl formal enameled copper wire.
  • ・Magnet (cylindrical with 20-mm diameter) ×2
  • ・Audio connection cable (stereo mini plug at one end) x1
  • ・Wool yarn
  • ・Cushion tape (sealing tape for windows, etc.)
  • ・Paper template (can be downloaded from website)
  • ・Box cutter
  • ・Cutter mat (anything that protects the desk, etc. from being damaged is fine)
  • ・Scissors
  • ・Cotton work gloves
  • ・Needle-nosed pliers
  • ・Felt-tip pen or marker
  • ・Double-sided adhesive tape
  • ・Sandpaper
  • ・Adhesive tape
  • ・Rubber band
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