History of Sony's social contribution activities


Establishment of Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation

Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation was founded to research and manufacture
telecommunications and measuring equipment.


Start of the Sony Fund for the Promotion of Science Education

Based on the idea that scientific education was necessary to rebuild post-war Japan, Sony started the Sony Fund for the Promotion of Science Education, which supports science education in elementary and junior high schools.


Establishment of the Sony Foundation for Education (the current Sony Education Foundation)

The Sony Foundation for Education was established to continue to develop the award program under the Sony Fund for the Promotion of Science Education.


Establishment of the Sony Music Foundation

The Sony Music Foundation was established to contribute to the development of culture, including making classical music more widely available,
   promoting international exchanges, and developing human resources.


Start of the Sony Student Project Abroad (an invitational program for high school students in the U.S.)

Through this exchange program, students from the U.S. were able to experience and learn about Sony’s technology, Japanese culture, etc.(ended in 2000)


Establishment of the Sony Canada Charitable Foundation

A non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting the betterment of children, the environment and the community in Canada.


Introduction of leave for volunteering purposes


Opening of Sony Wonder Technology Lab (New York)

The hands-on technology lab, which focused on science and entertainment, was opened in Sony’s U.S. headquarters in New York. The Lab brings technology and creativity together to make learning experiential, entertaining and fun. (closed in 2016)


Start of activities with the international environmental NGO Conservation International (CI)

Sony conducts activities to communicate the importance of biodiversity through photo and video image.
Video-filmed of wild animal and plant life is captured using devices such as cameras that incorporate Sony’s cutting-edge technology.


Start of the Sony Creative Science Award (Singapore)

The toy making contest was launched for children to promote creativity and make learning science fun.


Establishment of the Sony Foundation Australia

Backed by the Sony companies in Australia, the Foundation supports young Australians in need and established a program for children with disability and another program for youth cancer patients.


Opening of Sony ExploraScience (Beijing)

The hands-on science museum focused on light and sound was opened in China to foster children’s curiosity in science. Sony also conducts science educational programs in rural areas.


Opening of Sony ExploraScience (Tokyo)

Located in Daiba, Tokyo, this hands-on science museum offered visitors the opportunity to experience and learn about light, sound, and entertainment.
The museum offered special exhibitions and workshops for children.
(A total 2.3 million people visited the museum until it is closed in 2019)


Launch of a department responsible for CSR


Start of Sony Movie Works

This movie making program was offered to middle and high school students. Students who were chosen worked with Sony employees to make their own movie.(ended in 2007)


Start of Sony Student Project Abroad (China)
(an invitational program for high school students in China)

This was an exchange program to learn about Sony’s technology, Japanese culture, environmental problems, and other information to Chinese students invited to Japan. (ended in 2012)


Start of EYE SEE, co-operated with UNICEF to support children’s digital photography

Through this program, which was conducted in partnership with UNICEF, children learned the importance of recording and communicating their daily lives using cameras and other devices. (ended in 2012)


Start of UNHCR Refugee Film Festival sponsorship(the current WILL2LIVE)

Sony launched activities to raise awareness in refugees by sponsoring the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival and screening refugee movies for employees.


Start of South Africa mobile library project

The Mobile Library Project operated by NPO SAPESI, Sony offers support by collecting and donating English books for children.


Start of the science education activities Sony Science Program

The program offers children an opportunity to gain skills for making a world better place by applying the power of science. The program is primarily conducted in Asia, including Japan.
* The program was updated and transformed into CurioStep with Sony.


Implementation of Dream Goal 2010, a social contribution program through football

In conjunction with the FIFA World Cup, Sony held various events and conducted support activities, which included public viewings and donations of original balls in Africa.


Start of a disaster and humanitarian relief partnership with NGO Save the Children Japan

The RESTART JAPAN Fund was established to support reconstruction after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Sony conducts various support programs for children.


Start of Project for Forest Conservation in Sumatra

Sony started to provide support for precious forest preservation activities conducted by the international NGO WWF in order to protect forests and rare wildlife on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.


Implementation of Dream Goal 2014, social contribution program through football

In partnership with the NPO Streetfootballworld, Sony donated pop-up stadiums to countries throughout Central and South America, including Brazil, so that children can enjoy football safely.


Establishment of Emergency Fund for Children

In partnership with NGO Save the Children Japan, Sony co-established the fund which provides immediate support upon the sudden onset of natural disaster or humanitarian crises as well as medium to long-term recovery support to children.


Start of the "Kando Experience Program" to reduce children’s educational inequality

This program addresses the social issue of children’s educational inequality in Japan.
Sony provides diverse KANDO experiences to children who have had few opportunities to foster creativity and curiosity.


Establishment of the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19

Sony established a 100 million US dollar fund to support those around the world affected by COVID-19 virus in mainly three areas "Medical" "Education" and the "Creative Community".


Launch of the education program CurioStep with Sony

Sony expanded its educational program to empower curiosity of children by providing opportunities to experience creativity and technology.
※Renewal from Sony Science Program


Establishment of the Global Social Justice Fund

Sony established a 100 million US dollar fund
to support social justice and protecting human rights.