iF design
award 2016

Winning Entries

Photo of iF design award trophy
High-Resolution Audio Headphones

h.ear on

We received iF gold award for
iF design award 2016.

Jury Statement:

People love design for sound reproduction, especially if it's easy to deploy and to pack away again. Designers know well how difficult it is to mate together different materials of similar color, and one of the great challenges in product design is successfully combining two synthetic materials and adding some metal into the mix. However, it's a task that the h.ear on headphones achieve in a sublime fashion. With its sophisticated and subtle material contrasts, this product delivers a unique character without sacrificing sound quality.

Smart DIY Kit


We received iF gold award for
iF design award 2016.

Jury Statement:

MESH takes a playful and accessible approach to programming and to logic and hardware/software interaction, two topics of growing importance. The product enables users to interact directly with the virtual and physical world by trial and error. It has a very consistent, straightforward, simple and clean design, which underscores the function of each element and is also reflected in the design elements of the software. Two words: great work!

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector


Glass Sound Speaker


Compact Audio System


Smart Sports Device & App

Smart B-Trainer UI


Xperia M4 Aqua


Xperia C5 Ultra

Tablet / Bluetooth® Keyboard

Xperia Z4 Tablet / BKB50

Stereo Bluetooth® Headset


Bluetooth® Speaker


Digital Camera


Laser light source projector


XDCAM Memory Camcorder


Spectral Cell Analyzer


Sony's Corporate Typeface


Designed by Monotype and News / Sony Design / Sony

Photo: Olaf Becker, München/Frankfurt

Sony, IFA Berlin 2014

Designed by Schmidhuber and News / Sony Design / Sony

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