Feature Design

2014 BRAVIA®

Redefining the
value of TVs

Monolithic Design and Sense of Quartz
have led to a new BRAVIA® design
theme: Pure Geometry.
This approach has helped redefine the value
a TV brings to a room
and inspire new design.


〈 2014 BRAVIA 〉

Shapes distilled
to geometric purity

An amazing BRAVIA viewing experience—this goal originally inspired Monolithic Design in 2010, when the sets began to resemble an extremely simple slate. Sense of Quartz in 2013 inspired us to dig deeper and expose the natural beauty in what TVs are made of, through chiseled, crystalline surfaces.

This year, owning a BRAVIA is more satisfying than ever. The line now combines and builds on these design themes to present materials, functions, and meaningful elements with even greater impact, through the most minimal forms imaginable. There’s a kind of purity in their geometric shapes—rectangles, circles, and triangles. Rectangles call to mind screens with impressive picture quality. Circles symbolize sound emerging from the round speakers. And triangles form a minimal yet stable-looking support for the large screens. Here, we had arrived at our new design theme: Pure Geometry.

Perfection in your home

The starting place for us to explore Pure Geometry design was the living room. Consider what shapes go well in a home, and you may imagine practical geometric silhouettes. Triangular gabled roofs, flat rectangular doors and tables, and round lights and knobs, for example. Surely a television designed with this geometric purity in mind would look perfectly natural in a living room. New BRAVIA sets are made up of these geometric shapes, and they do look perfectly at home here.

Design elements true
to the concept

Three design elements true to this concept bring the value of BRAVIA into sharper focus. Clean-cut, edged cross-sections accentuate the materials and geometric silhouettes. Trestle stands provide stable support for large screens with just four points of contact with the surface underneath. And a glow from the floating intelligent core emanates from the clear glass bar under the screen. In this way, every detail in shapes, materials, and illumination has been refined to offer the superior experience BRAVIA is known for.

Edged Cross-Section
Clean-cut edges that accentuate materials and geometric silhouettes
Trestle Stand
Ample stability from a minimum of contact points
Floating Intelligent Core
A mid-air glow that signals a response to operation
compelling silhouettes

As with road signs, sometimes we know the meaning of things from their shape or silhouette, even before we see their color or message. Even among silhouettes, in an instant, we may only be able to distinguish between circles, triangles, and squares. It’s the same in product design. We investigate inherent values and strip away nonessential lines and other elements to create shapes with simple, powerful silhouettes. Honing it down until we were left with essential TV qualities inevitably revealed the Pure Geometry concept.

Tako, chief art director