Feature Design

Lifelog application and
smartwear products

Life-enriching technology
that’s a perfect fit

We set out to make smartwear products more familiar.
Technology that helps you
to be who you are,
or who you’d like to be.
Next-gen smartwear products soon feel
like an extension of your body and mind.

Making technology
more intimate,
more familiar

People turn to technology as an enabler to get more from life, to live as they aspire to live, and technology is evolving to satisfy this desire. We are beginning to see a warm, human touch in technology, which now takes many forms to blend into our lives. A good example is wearable devices that build on the functions people appreciate in smartphones. Using SmartWatch or other devices will be familiar to you, as if the technology were an integral part of you. We think this trend holds the potential for people to do more and enjoy life more. And that’s why we developed Lifelog application – a visually rich lifelogging app – and a smartwear experience line you can use it with.

Visualizing your life
– life is a journey

We began Lifelog app development by imagining how to illustrate a day in your life. Clearly, graphing how many steps you took or calories you burned is not very new or exciting. Why not make records of your day’s events more entertaining? Surely we could add a touch of entertainment by presenting a visually rich experience of how and where you spent your time. To excite people with a fresh user experience, we explored the possibilities in lifelogging.

As we looked into all kinds of ideas and sketches, we realized that life can be seen as an adventure. This realization inspired Journey view, a mode where you scroll horizontally through the day’s events. Look back over how you spent the day by scrolling through an animated timeline. It’s entertaining, like a game. You’re the main character, and your journey collects all of your everyday encounters and experiences. In this way, Lifelog app presents every day as another adventure.

A web of memories
that can shape your future

Framing each day as an adventure took attention to detail in Journey view screen design. Here, it’s easy to associate yourself with the animated silhouette that walks, jogs, and moves from place to place. You’ll see current and even future weather conditions, as pulled from the web. Animation matching your activities and backgrounds showing the weather set the scene well, making it easier to relive those moments.

In Lifelog app, you’ll see much more than walking, jogging, sleeping, and other activities captured by smartwear products. At a glance, you’ll be reminded of all the images you viewed, music you listened to, and photos you took with your smartphone, along with other details such as information about the places you went. The app also captures Life Bookmarks, those special moments or places you wanted to remember. A web of diverse memories is presented on the screen. You might notice patterns of behavior and find inspiration for the future. Imaging a fulfilling future as you reminisce. That’s how Lifelog app just might open up new and inspiring possibilities.

Logging as an experience

Reminiscing is only one aspect of the Lifelog app experience. We think that past memories would excite users about future plans. In design, we hoped the app would inspire the confidence of knowing that all of your activities each day provide hints for a better future.

Hama, designer