Feature Design

Sense of Quartz

Key visual of Sense of Quartz, 2013 TV design theme

Materials that signal
captivating experiences

Sony BRAVIA TVs and home theater systems have been a quest for picture quality
that captivates and audio with truly realistic presence. These experiences are worth trying,
but how should we make this clear through design?
It all begins with this question.

Design Concept


Expressive materials make
BRAVIA values clear

What’s the next step after Monolithic Design, which set the tone for Sony TVs and home theater systems until recently, to convey BRAVIA qualities more clearly? It all began with this question. With 4K compatibility this year, BRAVIA stands for an amazing viewing experience, from picture and sound quality that pushes the limit. Our success would depend on how well we could convey this impressive experience through design focused on materials.

A superior viewing experience has always been the goal behind our careful selection of each material in BRAVIA sets. Accentuating the inherent quality and alluring attributes of these materials would surely make the special viewing experience at hand clearer. This realization revealed the direction to take in design—how the materials are presented is what the experience is like.

Piecing together
the narrative fabric of design

In the materials, we began by considering the glass. The glass screen over the LCD panel has been essential to the superior BRAVIA viewing experience. How could we let its inherent quality shine through, more than ever? This thinking led us to imagine a glass slate that appears to float over a ring-shaped base, their connection forming the intelligent core. Or sculpting the glass slate of images to expose sound. Our new design concept had emerged—something we call Sense of Quartz. Through this design concept, we explore how to capitalize on the distinctive appearance or finish of materials.

Three Key Values of BRAVIA -Three central design elements in the BRAVIA Sense of Quartz concept-
Distinctive Silhouettes
Born from pure geometries
Quartz Edges
Sculpted from genuine material
Intelligent Core
Defined from the point of convergence
Forging a wholly
new BRAVIA line

Quartz has resonances of precision and clarity, and it recalls the pure, clear picture and sound quality that BRAVIA is known for. Quartz is also a mineral, and we explored shapes, textures, and luminosity of quartz in this respect through three key values of BRAVIA design. By incorporating Quartz design elements in the shapes and textures of sets and user interfaces, we forged a wholly new BRAVIA line.

Tako, chief art director

Industrial Design

〈BRAVIA W950A series〉
Photo of the LCD screen and aluminum edge of the W950A series

A simple slate of glass,
beautiful from any angle

We envisioned a screen that looks sculpted from a crystalline slate. As a material, glass is prominent in the W950A series, which is fully covered in glass. The LCD cell is sandwiched between layers of glass. This not only helps maintain structural rigidity but also makes the surfaces flatter and smoother than ever. A cover over the circuit board panel in back maintains a neat appearance, so that the set looks beautiful from any angle.

Insisting on
high-precision materials

A feature of this set that makes the front and back layers seem to form a single slate of glass is an aluminum band around the edge, expertly brushed and then anodized to impart the deep blue-green gleam of a thick-looking cut-glass edge.

The contrast between the rectangular screen and circular stand accentuates the glass and makes the screen appear to float over the stand. The aluminum-plated stand has a fine-brushed finish following the curves of the oval—another detail that contributes to a sense of high precision in the materials.

Note: The W950A series is available exclusively in markets outside Japan. As of May 2013, no domestic release is planned.

On display: a pristine,
crystalline screen

Another feature introduced in this project that enhances the elegance of the unadorned glass is central illumination that conveys information intelligently. Here, we have removed various labeling and indicators that signaled the mode or status in past sets and integrated their functions in an "Intelligent Core." This enabled fewer internal components and a cleaner lower bezel, which showcases the seamless glass expanse. It was worth all the effort required to strike the right balance in designing this glowing core, which does make the glass appear to float.

Yokota, producer and designer