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Feature Design

Definitive Outline

A consummate blend of
style and sound

Simple and minimal, as if the speaker were defined by slicing away the surrounding space.
But behind every detail lies a regard for aesthetics and acoustics.
Audio quality and musical presence are clear in these wireless speakers,
which will update your listening experience.

Industrial Design

〈 SRS-X9 / X7 / X5 / X3 〉

An outline with dual purpose

The main design element of the new Sony wireless speaker range is the definitive outline, which surrounds the perimeter of each speaker and defines the space from where the sound comes from. It has both, an aesthetical and a technical function. Firstly, the outline gives the products its unique appearance and separates the carefully chosen different materials from each other. Secondly, its chamfered shape has an acoustic reason as well. Stereo imaging by the super tweeters requires a precise, technical surface treatment. Chamfering the edges eliminates obstructions and enhances the room-filling sound. In this way, our speaker design complements rooms while emphasizing the listening experience.

With this definitive outline we found a unique and meaningful design icon for Sony wireless speakers.

Materials that reflect
our interior

The visual affinity that the speakers create inside the home has its reason in three different materials and finishes on each side of the products. These materials were carefully chosen to coexist nicely and create a nice balance with the glass, aluminum, stainless steel, and other materials found inside our homes.

Superb audio is
in the detail

High-resolution audio offers exceptional fidelity. The meticulous design of the X9 matches that standard. One example is the speaker grille, a part that many audiophiles tend to remove when listening. That’s why from the start, we insisted on an easily removable grille. However, conventional means of attachment make grilles thicker, and they protrude from enclosures. This would undermine our desired simplicity. After repeated attempts with our engineers, we developed a grille mounted flush with the enclosure. The rigid stainless steel is a mere 0.4 mm thin and held magnetically to control vibration. With the grille off, the speaker still looks beautiful, with units in a perfectly balanced layout. Even the elements that the grille attaches to were carefully designed.

Sensor activated controls

Since this range of products harmonizes with its interior design, controls should also be understated. That’s why we integrated a movement sensor into X9 which only activates controls when they are needed. If a hand is detected on top of the product, the controls illuminate behind the top glass surface. By eliminating physical buttons, we have removed all mechanical elements, which highlights a sense of innovation.

perfect proportions

We created a unique and powerful design language for all Sony wireless speakers. We were inspired by a very simple, pure space sliced out of a room. But the purer the form is, the more important proportions become. It took many mock-ups until we found the right balance and proportions for each speaker.

Goetzen, designer

Optimized design
for portability

X7, X5, and X3 have an integrated battery and are therefore portable. Their compact design and well-considered proportions allow easy movement within the home or even outdoors. As for the colors, X7 comes in black or white to complement bright rooms or a stylish ambiance, while we envisioned an additional red option for the smaller X5, being a good match for more personal environments. X3 is significantly smaller than X5 and therefore more likely to be taken around and outdoor. This usage triggered us to use a durable soft touch material with a beautiful smooth matte finish on the top and both sides of the product. For all products we aimed for a perfect balance of design, proportions, materials and its usage.

Conjuring music
from thin air

Exquisite, uncompromising design of the X9 ensures that it’s beautifully proportioned even with an easily removable speaker grille. And with the grille off, you’ll enjoy even clearer sound. Of course, the X3, X5 and X7 also emphasize audio quality. Any model makes it seem as if the music filling the room has been conjured up from thin air. Without a doubt, these wireless speakers push the boundaries of music entertainment.

Kurihara, designer

The SRS-X3, X5, X7, and X9 were inspired by our quest for iconic wireless speaker design.
Update your listening experience with their visually harmonious,
minimalist shapes and clear,
powerful sound.