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Sony Group Companies Receive Pride Award Gold Ratings for the Third Successive Year

Sony Group Companies Receive Pride Award Gold Ratings for the Third Successive Year

The "work with Pride 2018" conference (hereinafter "wwP" (*1)) associated with corporations and the LGBT (*2) community took place at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya in Japan on October 11 – or National Coming Out Day -- which is a day of awareness held around the world. wwP is an annual event that enables members of the LGBT community to provide information on creating workplaces where its members can be themselves as they go about their duties. This year's main session consisted of messages from well-known people who have come out, panel discussions among managers and concerned parties, and the results of the PRIDE Index 2018 (*3), which ranks companies in Japan on the basis of initiatives aimed at the LGBT community. The panel discussion among managers covered company responses to the LGBT community in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.
The Pride Index rates the initiatives adopted by companies and other entities that support the LGBT community. At the Pride Index 2018 ceremony, companies belonging to the Sony Group were awarded 17 gold ratings, and one bronze rating.

    Sony Group company ratings in the 2018 Pride Index

    • Gold
      Sony Corporation / Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. / Sony Visual Products Inc. / Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation / Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. / Sony Storage Media Solutions Corporation / Sony Mobile Communications Inc. / Sony Marketing Inc. / Sony Consumer Sales (Japan) Inc. / Sony Regional Sales (Japan) Inc. / Sony Customer Service (Japan) Inc. / Sony Engineering Corporation / Sony Global Solutions Inc. / Sony Storage Media Manufacturing Corporation / Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation. / Sony Energy Devices Corporation / Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
    • Bronze
      Sony PCL Inc.

    Kenichi Mochizuki, head of Sony Corporation's Corporate Human Resources Division, served as Moderator for the panel of concerned parties during the Main Session.

    Panel of concerned parties: "Thoughts on Coming Out Day - Overcoming Perception Gaps to Create Workplaces where the Next Generation Can Feel Secure"

    In his opening remarks, Mochizuki said: "While company schemes have changed enormously over the past few years, I get the feeling that changing the actual climate in the workplace and the awareness of individuals is really an enormous task. What can be done to transform the workplace into a secure environment where different generations can work together? I invite panelists here to contribute messages to consider what everyone, as one individual, can do." Members of the panel then spoke about their motivations and thoughts on coming out. Their comments included the changes that affected them and the people around them as a result, and any new discoveries and feelings that affected them. The members of the panel were thus able to show their true, unadorned selves to the audience, providing those present with an opportunity to consider how much the ability to be themselves in the workplace might motivate them to make the most of their abilities.

    (c) toboji & (c) work with Pride 2018
    (c) toboji & (c) work with Pride 2018
    • *1work with Pride (wwP) was launched in 2012 when IBM Japan teamed up with the international NGO (non-governmental organization) Human Rights Watch to plan seminars in support of LGBT employees in Japan. Two NPOs (non-profit organizations), Good Aging Yells and Nijiiro Diversity, subsequently joined the organization. wwP's objective is to provide members of the LGBT community working in companies in Japan with information on promoting the creation of workplaces where they can express their individuality freely. It also provides companies with opportunities to take proactive initiatives in this area. To achieve these goals, wwP's invites cooperating companies to provide venues, and holds seminars relating to LGBT issues once a year, primarily for people in charge of human resources and diversity at companies.
    • *2LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
    • *3The PRIDE Index for LGBT initiatives
      The private organization "work with Pride" (wwP) supports the promotion and institutionalization of diversity management relating to sexual minorities, and has set up Japan's first benchmark for corporate LGBT initiatives. Two of wwP's NPO affiliated organizations, Good Aging Yells and Nijiiro Diversity, assessed companies, corporate groups and other organizations for their diversity initiatives, and awarded gold, silver and bronze ratings according to their scores.
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