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Sony Group Companies Registered as "Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporations" in March 2019

Barrier-free Mindset Registration Certificate

Sony Corporation and Sony Kibou/Hikari Corporation have been registered as "Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporations" in March 2019.

Proactive barrier-free mindset initiatives are vital for ensuring everyone is taken into consideration because they remove social and environmental barriers. As a result, they enable anyone, from the elderly and disabled to people with children, to move around smoothly while promoting the creation of a city where they can all enjoy a variety of activities. To encourage the development of a momentum towards a barrier-free mindset in society, Tokyo Metropolitan Government has registered 150 "Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporations" to cooperate in raising awareness.

Sony's Initiatives

Even before the scheme for special subsidiary companies for the disabled was established, Sony worked on creating environments where employees could make the most of their capabilities irrespective of whether they had disabilities or not. We are looking into appropriate consideration through dialog with each individual employee. When constructing new buildings and structures, we will ensure a universal environment by listening to the opinions of disabled employees about surroundings and interior décors from the design stage onwards.

And since awareness among the people around us is absolutely important, we provide training for all employees to enable them to experience and enhance understanding of disabilities, and implement policies aimed at encouraging barrier-free mindsets. Examples include round-table discussions that ensure the opinions of disabled employees are heard, guidance on accepting disabled employees assigned to the workplace, study groups on dealing with disabled people depending on their disabilities, and hiring knowhow. We are collecting together expertise on how to respond to disabled employees and sharing it throughout the Sony Group. In cooperation with the Tokyo Human Rights Education Liaison Committee, the Hello Work Public Employment Security Offices with jurisdiction, and other external organizations, we are also endeavoring to disseminate these initiatives among other corporations and people in the communities to ensure that diversity and inclusion, and the barrier-free mindset spread throughout society.

More details on Sony Kibou/Hikari Corporation's initiatives are available at here.

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