CEO Message

Evolution as a Creative Entertainment Company with a Solid Foundation of Technology

The Sony Group's Purpose is to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology." Kando (emotion) is created and experienced by people. As such, our corporate direction is "getting closer to people" - both creators and users. Based on this fundamental approach, we have continued to pursue our founders' dreams of enriching people's lives through the power of technology, by creating innovative products and emotionally impactful content.

Currently, Sony has six business segments. One is the Game & Network Services segment, which provides new play experiences to over 100 million PlayStation® users worldwide. The Music segment aims to make Sony the company that is closest to artists and songwriters. The Pictures segment produces content IP with creators, and delivers Kando together with our distribution partners and through our own direct-to-consumer (DTC) services. We also have the Entertainment, Technology & Services segment, which provides technology and services that support creation, in addition to technology and products that provide the ultimate in visual and audio experiences. In the field of Imaging & Sensing Solutions, we provide CMOS image sensors, which are key components in smartphone mobile devices that are now indispensable for the creation of content such as images and videos. We are also working on technology that supports the safety of mobility and a solutions business using intelligent vision sensors with AI processing. And in the Financial Services business, Sony Life's Lifeplanner sales specialists are contributing as creators that actualize people's needs for peace of mind. We provide convenience in daily life and support to customers through financial services including life insurance, non-life insurance, banking and other areas.

Through these diverse businesses, we are focused on management centered on "Kando" and "People" from a long-term perspective. We believe that creativity generates Kando, and that this will continue to be the case in the future. Consequently, at Sony we are focused on the creators of Kando and the users that enjoy their creations, and strive to be the brand chosen by creators around the world.

We are also exploring two new Kando spaces, the metaverse and mobility, which we consider to be growth fields in the creation and delivery of Kando going forward. Through the development of the Walkman, Sony created a new lifestyle in which people could take audio with them and enjoy it anywhere. Now, we are working to turn the mobility space into a new entertainment space. We are also working to provide new experiences through the metaverse, in the areas of games, sports and music.

For Sony to continue to create new value through our six business segments and challenges in new growth fields, a healthy global environment and society in which we can all live with peace of mind is vital. We believe it is important for us to fulfill our responsibility to society and the environment, and to contribute through our technologies and businesses. Our efforts to fulfill our responsibility include our climate change initiatives, use of recycled plastics and development of packaging that is conducive to recycling. In terms of our contribution, examples include our development of new environmentally conscious materials, the Synecoculture™ initiative and our project to protect the earth by supporting environmental monitoring using AI and sensing technology. We will continue to evolve these sustainability initiatives while engaging in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders.

In order for us to create this new value, it is essential that our Purpose is shared among our approximately 110,000 Sony Group employees. Our Purpose is now becoming established as our corporate culture, which I believe is directly linked to increasing our corporate value in the long-term.
We will continue to take a long-term management perspective, and evolve as a creative entertainment company with a solid foundation of technology, leveraging our strengths across our diverse businesses and array of talent.

Representative Corporate Executive Officer,
Chairman, President and CEO
Kenichiro Yoshida