Creating a more realistic sports viewing experience Hawk-Eye Innovations' technologies to visualize sports play and Sony’s Spatial Reality Display

Hawk-Eye's technologies to visualize play and the Spatial Reality Display

By combining accurate, real-time tracking technology with visualization technology, we are building a platform to realize various sports fan engagements. We will present case studies of our activities for the following four outputs: (1) officiating, (2) media enhancement, (3) performance analysis, and (4) new entertainment content experiences.

<Development manager>

  • Hironori Hattori

    Imaging Products &
    Solutions Business Group

  • Kenichiro Toyoshima

    Home Entertainment &
    Sound Products Business Group

<Main features>

  • Tracks the position of players, including their skeletal information, and the movement of balls and bats with high accuracy and in real time, generating every play data. (SkeleTRACK)
  • Visualize play from any perspective, not limited by camera position, in virtual space based on captured data by SkeleTRACK (HawkVISION)
  • Showing the reproduced video from SkeleTRACK & HawkVISION of the play on the spatial reality display produces the viewing experience as if the sports game is being played in front of your eyes, with a three-dimensional feel.

<The Sony Group internal and external collaboration>

Hawk-Eye Innovations Ltd.
Sony Group Corporation

<Examples of achievements>

In baseball, SkeleTRACK has been installed by Major League Baseball and the Yakult Swallows. In soccer, SkeleTRACK and HawkVISION have been provided to Serie A.

<Future direction>

By combining SkeleTRACK and HawkVISION with spatial reality displays, it will be possible to provide new viewing experiences, such as soccer match viewing events with a more realistic feel. Through these entertaining content experiences, we hope to create a new community in the metaverse space, as well as a new future that connects and fuses the physical and virtual.
With SkeleTRACK and HawkVISION at the core of this project, we believe that sports will become more enjoyable through advanced recognition and image processing technologies. We will continue to expand the enjoyment of sports and take on the challenge of innovation more than ever before.

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