Technology Strategy Committee

Technology Strategy Committee is a technology-based activity body working across all Sony Group’s companies.
It supports Sony’s technological capabilities through interorganizational exchanges.

As of 2021, there are 10 technology-specific committees, each of which transcends the boundaries of business segments and disseminates leading-edge technological information widely within the Group to enhance the Group's technological capabilities.
Training the next generation is also a priority and they provide various opportunities to help young employees grow on their journeys to realize their ambitions.

Group Talk: Technology Strategy Committee

Members from the Technology Strategy Committee exchanged their opinions and thoughts about their activities.

  • Mechanical Strategy Committee, which includes professionals from the areas of mechanical design, manufacturing, production, creative design and procurement, has been supporting the evolution of the mechanical technology of Sony Group.

    The members talked about their approaches to developing technologies to realize appealing products, and about the benefits of a committee where both engineers and designers work together.

    Seiya Amatatsu Sony Corporation
    Distinguished Engineer
    Hisaoki Oba Sony Corporation
    Sony Corporation
    Nami Katayama Sony Group Corporation
    Shoko Miyahira Sony Global Manufacturing & Operations Corporation
  • The Information Processing Strategy Committee aims to share information processing technologies such as video, audio, communications and AI in order to raise the overall level of Sony‘s technology.

    Committee members talked about the activities of the committee, human resource development and utilization of the latest technologies.

    Takayuki Yoshigahara Sony Group Corporation
    Distinguished Engineer
    Kazumi Aoyama Sony Group Corporation
    Atsushi Watanabe Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
    Emiru Tsunoo Sony Group Corporation
    Hideshi Yamada Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation
  • The Content Technology Strategy Committee (CTSC) brings together members from various companies engaged in content production in the field of pictures, music and game. They focus on technologies that will help solve problems in the entertainment field and lead to future development.

    Members will talk about the possibilities that technology brings to the field of content production, which is undergoing rapid digitization, and their global activities.

    Teiji Yutaka Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
    Distinguished Engineer
    Yoshikazu Takashima Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
    Distinguished Engineer
    Kirit Joshi Sony Music Entertainment
    Tatsuya Haraguchi Sony Music Entertainment Inc.
    Daisuke Kobayashi Sony PCL Inc.

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