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AI / Robotics

Bring Sony AI and robotics closer - Creation of experience to stimulate the curiosity -

“GOOD DRIVE” – An Insurance Service to Reduce Accident Risk

Aiming for Recurring, Sustainable Value Creation
by Building a Data Ecosystem

We Are Ready to Eliminate the Regional Disparities in Education
and Encourage the Individually-Optimized Learning

Utilizing the latest technologies and getting closer to our creators
at Sony Pictures with a vision of "One Sony"

Reviving the Sound of Classic Movies with AI
AI Sound Separation

Sony’s Latest Image Sensors and
the Technologies that Lies Behind Them

Realizing a Better Future through Sony’s Imaging
and Sensing Technology
To Spark Imaginations and Enrich Society

Sony AI - Attracting the world’s best AI researchers
and engineers to unleash the potential of Sony’s AI

Envisioning the Future Created by Sony’s AI
— Artificial Intelligence That Assists Creativity

What it will take for Sony to become No. 1 in the AI field

What is uniquely Sony about our AI x Robotics?

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