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Immersive Experience

Presentation of new UX by realizing extreme immersion/reality

Live Music Experiences Bridging the Real and Virtual Worlds
Revolutionizing the Distance between Fans, Artists and Content

Haptics—Taking on New Challenges with Haptics
A Technology that Stimulates the Sense of Touch,
One of the Five Senses

Ray Tracing
Evolving Visual Expressions for Game Creators

Volumetric Capture for Movie Quality
Virtual Production

Creating an Ecosystem to Provide an Immersive Sound Field
to Even More Customers
360 Reality Audio

Eye-sensing Light Field Display
Delivering 3D Creators’ Visions to Customers the Way They Intended

Aiming for VR Capable of Realizing the Impossible Volumetric Capture Technology That Goes Beyond Omnidirectional Visualization

Expanding the world with the power of sound Create innovative real-time interactions

Who is 8K reality for?

MPEG: Key technology for the future of entertainment

Standardization creates social infrastructure

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