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Wide Range of Applicability

Triporous can be manufactured to order in different shapes and granularity (mesh), according to the application. It can therefore be used for a broad range of purposes—everything from deodorant fabrics for the apparel industry, to filters for water purification, to air filters for air conditioning systems, to cleansing agents for health care. Sony is offering Triporous and its excellent adsorption characteristics widely throughout the world, to help alleviate environmental pollution and to improve human health and comfort.

Triporous FIBER

A New Effective Deodorant and
Antibacterial Clothing and Household Fabrics

Since Triporous can be incorporated into fiber materials, it is expected to contribute to sportswear and outdoor products that require deodorant effects. In 2018, Sony announced fiber technology that by using Triporous has a long deodorizing function and high adsorption of body odor components at the 31st Annual Odor Environment Conference. Based on this technology, we have developed a fiber called Triporous FIBER, which brings out new deodorant and antibacterial effects by improving the excellent adsorption performance of Triporous in collaboration with several companies. In 2020, for the first time as Sony, we exhibited at the world's largest sports and outdoor equipment exhibition “ISPO Munich 2020”. In the future, we will further promote the research and development of textiles that contain Triporous, and aim to expand the business not only in Japan but also in the textile and apparel industry overseas.

About Triporous FIBER™
Triporous WATER

Water Purifiers
with Enhanced Virus Removal

In addition to enabling fast adsorption in the liquid phase, Triporous excels at removing large quantities of organic substances that are difficult to eliminate with conventional activated carbon. More specifically, Triporous has been proven to be significantly more effective than activated carbon in removing high-molecular-weight organic compounds such as soil humus, proteins such as allergens, and viruses, such as feline calicivirus and bacteriophage MS2. Due to its high porosity, Triporous also helps to reduce filter pressure loss. By taking advantage of the water purification properties of Triporous, in the coming years we want to see it used in water purifiers for developing and emerging countries, and for simple water purifiers for emergency and disaster relief. In the industrial arena, we expect to see Triporous used for filters in food processing facilities, and for filters for industrial waste water treatment systems.

Triporous AIR

Helping to Purify Air
in a Wide Variety of Places

Triporous is capable of maintaining air purity for long periods of time by adsorbing contaminants in the gas phase. As with water filters, the high porosity of Triporous can be used to make air filters with less pressure loss. Thanks to its powerful adsorptivity, the use of Triporous has been investigated for home air purifiers, deodorization filters for public facilities and external control filters for production plants. In the fields of medicine and health care, Triporous is expected to find use for air purification in hospitals, as well as for surgical masks. At the same time, the special adsorptive power of Triporous could be very useful in art galleries and museums, which require constant, high-performance air purification to ensure the preservation of exhibited works. By integrating various other substances into the large cavities of Triporous, there is enormous potential to create materials for entirely new applications.

Triporous WASH

Outstanding Deodorization and Purification
for Body Care Products

Triporous can easily be incorporated into body care products like shampoos, facial cleansing foams, and soaps. One pharmaceutical manufacturer is working to commercialize a cleansing agent that contains Triporous to rapidly adsorb the substances responsible for generating body odors, sweat odors, and "aging odor." In a joint investigation with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we demonstrated Triporous’ outstanding ability to eliminate the bacteria that produce odors.* With its ability to remove odors and the sources of odors in a short time, Triporous can make a valuable contribution to providing additional functionality to various body care products.

* The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell (2018)
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