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FUTURE PROOF フューチャープルーフ

Sony - FUTURE PROOF : What is the future of history?

Calm music plays. A logo appears.


Two women wave to each other over a video call.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Diana Sinclair
Artist & Activist

“Hi Nao!”

Artist & Entrepreneur


A graphic wipes over the screen with footage of a triceratops roaring in the middle.

ON SCREEN TEXT: What is the future of History?

“So much of innovation is looking to the future, but I really enjoy looking to the past.”

Subtitles appear as Nao interviews in Japanese.

ON SCREEN TEXT: I think it’s very important to learn about the past when thinking about the future.

“My favorite type of idea is the one that changes the way that I see the world.”

Now an indoor path goes through a corridor of square arches. At the end of the path is a light curved wall and the silhouette of a dinosaur in the corner of it.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Sony presents DinoScience
The Dinosaurs of Laramidia

Now a complete tyrannosaurus skeleton stands on a platform mid-roar in a timelapse as people look at the exhibits around it. A man in a cowboy hat is silhouetted against a blue screen with a picture of a tyrannosaurus watching a herd of smaller dinosaurs. Subtitles appear as a man interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT: When I was six years old, I stepped into a museum and met a dinosaur.

Now the man looks at dinosaur skeletons on display.

ON SCREEN TEXT: and that changed my life.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Mr. Dinosaur (Masashi Tanaka)
Science Communicator
The Curator of DinoScience

ON SCREEN TEXT: My name is Masashi Tanaka, but most people know me as Mr. Dinosaur.

Mr. Dinosaur stands with exhibit guests, looking up at a couple of spindly dinosaur skeletons arranged as if running.

ON SCREEN TEXT: I’m trying to get people interested in nature, science, and many other things.

A Japanese couple takes a selfie with a horned dinosaur skull. A boy cheers as a large t-rex silhouette walks across the light walls. Now, subtitles appear as a middle-aged Japanese woman is interviewed

ON SCREEN TEXT: Tomomi Morita
Producer of DinoScience
(A Sony Group Company)

ON SCREEN TEXT: Mr. Dinosaur is so passionate about science and technology, which makes him a perfect partner for Sony.

Now Mr. Dinosaur talks to children as he shows them a large fossil in the exhibit.

ON SCREEN TEXT: When I first met him 4 and a half years ago, I was very impressed

Now a construction crew stands around large frames of metal trusses and scaffolding with lights attached near the top in a building that looks like an aircraft hangar. Some wear hard hats and face masks as one of the women points to alighting rig. Sony’s 8K CLED Display is being installed in the Cretaceous Experience Theater at DinoScience.

ON SCREEN TEXT: and I imagined we could create something magnificent together using Sony’s technology.

Now a woman in a blue hard hat sits at a table where a couple of laptops are set up. In front of her is an enormous screen framed with the trussing and with lights along the top. She plays through a video. Now Mr. Dinosaur interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT: The most important thing was to use the most advanced technology to depict the dinosaurs

A flock of feathered two-legged dinosaurs sprints past trees, kicking up dust in their wake.

ON SCREEN TEXT: as living animals in the real world, not just as a showcase for great computer graphics.

The couple watch a screen where a large triceratops stands in a forest with a small baby triceratops. Now a middle-aged Japanese man interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Tomotaro Ishikawa
Chief Technical Supervisor
Sony PCL Inc.

ON SCREEN TEXT: The amazing features of this theater are not just the images on screen.

Video of small bird-like dinosaurs running on pre-historic plains and a triceratops mother and baby in a forest are being shown in the Cretaceous Experience Theater as patrons watch.

ON SCREEN TEXT: but also the light, the wind and the haptics.

Patrons experience the wind and light shifting in the theater as they watch more dinosaur footage in front of them. The couple stands together as a flock of birds flies away from the feathered dinosaurs as the dinosaurs run into the forest.

ON SCREEN TEXT: All these elements work seamlessly together

A little girl blinks at the screen as the wind blows at her. Another little girl holds her face as she tilts her head upward and laughs. She holds a dinosaur figurine in one hand.

ON SCREEN TEXT: to create the most life like experience that can transport visitors to another time.

The crowd of people stand spaced apart, watching the screen as a triceratops roars. In the exhibit section, people look at bones and fossils in glass displays and a screen compares at-rex’s size and shape to an adult human. A long-necked dinosaur skeleton is displayed with its mouth open under dramatic lighting against a black backdrop. A little girl walks past a dinosaur skull half her size. Mr. Dinosaur interviews.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Dinosaurs couldn’t change their fate when faced with extinction but maybe by learning from them and developing these new technologies,

ON SCREEN TEXT: maybe we can change our future.

Now Mr. Dinosaur talks with three children in front of the skeleton of a dinosaur with an armored neck and back. Mr. Dinosaur stands in a dark space, his face softly lit from ahead. Nao and Diana appear in the video call.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Learning about the past can help us plan for a better future.

“This exhibition really challenged my sense of time, and my role as an activist for change.”

Logos appear.