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What is the Future of
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What is the Future of
Robot &
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What is the Future of
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What is the Future of
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What is the Future of
Music for All?
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What is the Future of
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What is the Future of
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What is the Future of
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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart™: available now.
Mix of gameplay and cinematic footage

What is the Future of
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What is the future of creativity?
FUTURE PROOF partners with young creative leaders to investigate how technology is impacting the future of experiences, culture, education, and entertainment. We ask questions and find the answers in Sony projects that use technology to support the future.



  • A cool photo of Annika Hansteen-Izora

    Annika Hansteen-Izora

    Creative Technologist
    I’m an artist, writer, and designer who explores the intersection of design, art, technology and radical Black imagination to create ecosystems rooted in dreaming and care. Driven by my values, my work explores accessibility, reimagining social media, speculative world building, digital gardens, communal care, Black queer archives, slow tech, communal dreaming, and more. I am the Co-Head of “Black Feast” a culinary event that celebrates Black artists and writers through food, and am working on a video series called “Friendship Experiments” that explores QTPOC friendship.

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  • Photo of Hana Jacobsen smiling

    Hana Jacobsen

    Designer & Artist
    I'm a graphic and motion designer with a multicultural background who grew up in Japan. My process involves leveraging international and interactive design to communicate stories, knowledge and values. I recently graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Communication Design.

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  • Photo of Nao Kondo smiling

    Nao Kondo

    Artist & Entrepreneur
    I’m a new media artist and entrepreneur based in Sunnyvale, CA, and originally from Tokyo. My work explores immersive experiences, using robotics to speculate on future life. My first robot, Underwater Penguin robot, “MORUPEN”, attracted fans and won several awards for its life-like movements. Currently, I’m working on a project called “NEOANIMA”, where I explore the expression of life-likeness for the robots and speculate about how these robots would be in the future. My experience as an artist has also led me to found nocnoc, an audio social media app for creators.

  • A cool photo of Diane Sinclair

    Diana Sinclair

    Artist & Activist
    I’m a seventeen-year-old Black, queer creative based in New Jersey. Although experienced and awarded in many mediums, I’m currently focusing on my video-portraiture and experimental portraiture. My work chiefly focuses on identity and the social issues I’m surrounded by. In November 2020 I was selected as a YoungArts 2021 Finalist in Photography. After joining the NFT space early in the year, I curated the global NFT exhibition “The Digital Diaspora” in June 2021.

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