Two Years Since the Establishment of the "Global Social Justice Fund": Creating a World Where Diverse People Can Live in Harmony

In June 2020, in the wake of protests and calls for change against a backdrop racism in the United States, Sony Group established the $100 million US Dollar "Global Social Justice Fund" to honor human rights, diversity, and inclusion for all people.
Through this fund, Sony offers support to organizations working in the areas of Civic and Community Engagement, Criminal Justice Reform, Education, and Diversity Through Impact. Over the past two years, the fund invested in more than 400 organizations, with activities spread across 7 regions and over 60 countries.

Support Activities

In addition to the Sony Music Group, which led the establishment of the fund, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Corporation of America, and Sony Electronics Inc. have each identified support organizations and are working together while making the most of the expertise and resources of the Sony Group.

One example of such activities is funding of vocational training for young people who may otherwise turn to crime due to extreme poverty. We also provided opportunities to create songs with Sony artists to young people with histories of arrest to help them along their path to rehabilitation. We are creating a positive cycle in which all the profits from the music are returned to the support organization to be used as funds for new activities.

We are also promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by sponsoring film festivals that screen films about communities of color tackling social and economic challenges. In addition, we are working on building a scholarship system that provides internships and career paths in the technology and gaming industries.

Details of the activities can be found in a report published by Sony Music Group. Please take a look at it via the following link.

「Global Social Justice Fund Impact Report」

This is Leadership. This is Commitment. This is Global. This Is Sony • SONY CORPORATION OF AMERICA • SONY ELECTRONICS INC. • SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT • SONY MUSIC GROUP • SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT The cover art for the report was created by New York-based artist Ebony Bolt.

We will continue to carry out support activities for social justice and the protection of human rights.