Building a World Where Everyone is Empowered to Create and Spreading Kando (emotion) with Sony Vlog Cameras

From the perspective of "Co-Creation," the "SESSIONS" series features dialogues that introduce the activities of Sony's diverse employees to create Kando, based on Sony's Purpose. Through conversations between Sony employees and our various partners, this series gives a candid look at scenes from real Sony projects, demonstrating what kinds of "Co-Creation" are enabled by the combination of Sony's creativity and technology with the efforts of business partners and creators, and what kind of Kando these initiatives spread around the world. In this Session installment, we focus on the Sony vlog camera, which is a camera geared toward capturing video and still to meet the creative needs of vloggers, and a wide range of users.

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"For the Future of Humanity and Our Planet"
- The Ever-Evolving Sony Computer Science Laboratories Embraces a New Mission

Since its founding 34 years ago, Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) has been committed to opening the possibilities of humankind and creating a better future through research. This year, Sony CSL has further advanced this philosophy by establishing an updated mission to conduct a wider range of activities with a scope that encompasses not only humanity, but also the planet itself.

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From PlayStation to the Silver Screen: Asad Qizilbash on Making the "Uncharted" Film into a Success and the Future of PlayStation Productions

PlayStation Productions-a new team at Sony that will focus exclusively on adapting first party PlayStation IP for film and TV. We spoke with the head of PlayStation Productions, Asad Qizilbash, about making a film based on "Uncharted," which has already become a global hit, as well as the future for this new initiative.

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Sony Group's Initiatives to Connect Diverse Employees with Technology

"Technology" and "People" are essential to the Sony Group as we continue to create value to "fill the world with emotion," and contribute to people, society and the planet. In this article, we will introduce various initiatives that support the evolution of Sony's technology and the growth of our engineers by encouraging interaction among diverse businesses and employees under Sony's corporate direction of "getting closer to people".

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Is culture sustainable? A novel music education approaches both art and body

Many pianists overwork their bodies with years of extensive practice and end up terminating their own future as professional artists. In order to solve such problems, one researcher in the Sony Group is aiming to achieve a sustainable development of culture through driving novel music education that incorporates physical education based on scientific evidences. This edition of the Sony Corporate Blog will show how this researcher is working to support the musicians in breaking the limits of music expertise.

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