Feature Design


Photo of the DSC-KW1/KW11

Creating a camera
that’s a charming approach
to selfies

Meet the DSC-KW1/KW11,
a camera with a flair for self-expression. Selfies look beautiful, as expected,
but the entire shooting experience is charming
– something new to appreciate in cameras.

For the fun and
self-expression of selfies

More than ever, people are snapping shots of themselves in everyday adventures with cameras or smartphones and sharing them with friends or family. Selfies that many women in China and Asian countries enjoy taking, for example, often show the breadth of the shooter’s sense of style. More shooters are interested in a camera that can capture them in the moment beautifully, just as they had imagined. And now, Sony has poured a wealth of expertise into making a camera just for selfies.

Just for their selfies, many women in China and Asian countries carry a camera that outperforms their smartphone. But how can a camera offer beauty-conscious users a more elegant user experience? Our solution ensures respectable camera performance while elevating the overall shooting experience, in a camera that lends grace whether you’re posing or simply holding it. That extra dash of charm from a camera designed to impress will surely be clear in selfies.

Perfume bottle-shaped cameras
that let users shine

We sought design qualities for a luxurious camera that’s elegant in your hand. Ideas were developed from familiar sources, such as compact mirrors or cosmetic packaging. The beautiful, opulent image we envisioned led to the appearance of a perfume bottle. This body design promised to be the most fitting in an innovative camera fashion-conscious users would appreciate, with its refined shape, meticulous craftsmanship, silky colors, and aura of elegance.

Inspired by this, we created what we call our coffretbijou design concept. The expression combines two words: coffret, referring to small boxes or containers used in the perfume industry, and bijou, a jewel or something similarly exquisite. More than just a digital tool for capturing the moment, it would be charming enough to bring a sparkle of beauty to users.

Coffretbijou coffret: small box or container, as might used for perfume
+ bijou: jewel, or something equally exquisite
Distilling an undeniable source
of happiness

In design, we sought a camera that would bring a touch of glamour to those holding it. To make that happen, we distilled the qualities that many of the users we had in mind might find beautiful or desirable, as we explored the ideal shape of a new camera for selfies.

Kosaka, designer

A brilliant camera, too

Product designers considered how to soften the camera-like elements while adding a touch of glamour. One highlight is the clear acrylic that fills out the lens section. Sculpted to be an ample crown with dazzling character, it wraps around the metallic, faceted lens section to create a play of light. Once this part was designed, the camera took on the scintillating beauty of a perfume bottle.

The lens itself is a key component that reminds you it’s a camera. On the DSC-KW1/KW11, it’s a wide-angle lens that has the effect of slimming down the shooter’s head or body. What makes this important part even more eye-catching yet refined is subtle fluting around the lens. Nestled against the lens is an LED that illuminates faces well. It looks perfectly natural here, surrounded by Swarovski crystals. With the lens enlivened by jeweled details, the camera exudes premium quality.

Beauty in every detail

Gently rounded on the back, the camera is easy to hold for selfies and fits comfortably in your hand. To maintain a sleek, neat appearance, fewer port covers are used, and any grooves, lines, and printing on the surface are kept to a minimum. The stand enables shots from many angles, and it’s patterned to resemble an elegant ring.

Colors that seem fragrant

The coffretbijou concept also inspired the palette of colors and materials. These elements of design in the cameras may remind you of perfume bottles, enhanced by the sparkle of jewelry. Color options include a smart white, a sweet, cute pink, a fresh and refreshing green, and a cool, stylish violet. The nuances of each color were considered carefully. If the gentle fragrances we had in mind could be seen, this is how they might look. We also expressed these fragrances through textures. As a pleasant contrast to the luminous clear acrylic on the top, this part has an airy matte finish with a sense of depth.

Resembling a perfume cap, the metal lens housing is graced by pink or yellow gold. The colors and tones you see are the result of repeated fine-tuning to strike the right balance with colors and reflections seen through the clear acrylic section. Pursuit of perfect colors extended to these details, so that the cameras please the eye from any angle.

Colors to accentuate your beauty

Color options of many cameras I help design may satisfy those who love classic camera design, but this time, the palette caters to quite a different aesthetic. The four colors were carefully produced, as we imagined selfie fans with a range of personal styles enjoying the glamour this camera imparts.

Murai, designer